The only Russian aircraft carrier will be sent to Syria to test the MIG 29K fighters. aspack

The only Russian aircraft carrier will be sent to Syria war test MIG 29K fighters data figure: Russian navy "Kuznetsov" conventionally powered aircraft carrier original title: the only Russian aircraft carrier will be sent to Syria war test MIG 29K aircraft recently, some Russian media reported that Russia will be held next month to Syria sent only one aircraft carrier "admiral Kuznetsov". To participate in the fight against terrorist activities in Syria. Experts believe that Russia sent the aircraft carrier for the first time in order to allow the aircraft carrier battle experience. Russia’s Interfax news agency reported on 20, Russian sources said the Russian aircraft carrier has been completed to receive the MIG -29K aircraft carrier, aircraft carrier will leave thirty-fifth shipyard recently, in order to prepare for the voyage. The carrier will go to the Mediterranean Sea in mid October, the voyage will last for 4-5 months, large anti submarine ships and aircraft carrier formation will be composed of. Experts pointed out that the MIG -29K aircraft carrier equipped with the new ability to combat water and ground targets. Russian expert network 20 reported that the aircraft carrier may be as early as the original date of the plan to the Mediterranean, originally planned to start in October 20th. The purpose is to sail to the Mediterranean Sea from Russia in the military air support operations in Syria. Russian military experts said Dedekin, to the Mediterranean, including not only the aircraft carrier, as well as the formation of the ship by 2-3 support ship, the Black Sea fleet will send a frigate to join. He said the aircraft carrier based aircraft pilots to participate in military operations in Syria will gain practical experience. The carrier’s participation in Syria’s operations will further strengthen the air strikes in Syria. 20 aircraft will provide great help for the local air force. In the upgrade, and no aircraft equipped with caliber cruise missiles, therefore, will not implement cruise missile strikes. The Russian news agency reported that, at present, "admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier has completed the preparatory work of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Syria plans to perform combat missions, the duration of 4 months. After entering the Mediterranean, the aircraft carrier will be the first to join the action to destroy the positions of the militants in Syria. U.S. "foreign policy" magazine also reported that Russian aircraft carrier will be used to attack the militants in Syria, this will be the first Russian aircraft carrier to participate in military action, and the first test of a new MIG -29K aircraft in combat conditions.相关的主题文章: