The quality of China Wanlixing released mobile phone customer service rank millet – topped y580

The quality of China Wanlixing released mobile phone customer service rank: millet – topped communication channel, (Zhao Chao) in September 2, 2015 China quality tour announced in September 1st the second half of 2016 to the complaint data show that in July, mobile phone customer service service defect has exceeded the traditional home appliance maintenance services, complaints become hot troubled consumers. Chinese quality promotion in December 2015 -2016 year in July in Tianjin, Shanghai, Kunming, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Hohhot, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Hefei, Ji’nan, Changsha, Wuxi 16 municipalities, provinces, municipalities, in the mobile phone industry, the music as millet, apple, HUAWEI, and opal Lenovo and other more than 20 mobile phone brand sales and maintenance service window quality of service quality complaints of a thorough investigation and data summary. According to the survey, the current mobile phone repair is the most common problem of mobile phone screen damage, and most of the damage to the screen is not broken or damaged users, this situation is usually not free maintenance. Second is the fault of some other mobile phone is often difficult to determine the responsibility, if there is an objection, you must find their own identification agencies identified. In addition, the provisions of the implementation of the three package of smart phone service is not in place, maintenance fees opaque, arbitrary charges, service hotline is not standardized and other consumer complaints hot. The mobile phone service window service quality of Beijing city’s 16 conducted a thorough investigation, on-site evaluation from core services, ancillary services, cultural and environmental concern three categories of 14 indicators: millet mobile phone service was only a domestic mobile phone in the evaluation of a score of 91.13 points. The quality of China Wanlixing pointed out that in the investigation process, the staff noted that millet millet home, authorized outlets launched happy service activities. Rice noodles to home of millet, millet authorized outlets experience cleaning and maintenance, free film, customer service and maintenance services. Millet phone in the domestic brands took the lead to carry out online shopping mall on the completion of the service questionnaire evaluation, and on-site service evaluation, that is, there is a chance to win a good customer satisfaction assessment, it is worth learning from other brands. (commissioning editor Zhao Chao and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: