The return of Liu Wen four Chinese Victoria Secret Supermodel will debut the 2016 angels to-christie stevens

The return of Liu Wen four China Victoria Secret Supermodel will debut the 2016 angel T lead: Victoria’s secret show once a year of preparation has already started this year, a big show of locking the fashion capital of Paris before we’ve said, then we are here today on this year show Chinese Victoria Secret Supermodel who. The return of Liu Wen this year aboard the Victoria Secret Angel T Taiwan Chinese supermodel who have we heard is a cousin of Liu Wen, Xi Mengyao and Ju Xiaowen and supermodel Sui he confirmed that will appear in this year’s Victoria Secret The Grand Palace in Paris show. This is the fairy and Xiao Ming repeatedly involved in the runway, Ju Wen as a new Victoria Secret Supermodel this year is the first time on stage, and more worthy of many sisters happy is my cousin Liu Wen again appeared in the stage 3 years after Victoria secret. Liu Wen will attend the annual confirmation of the Victoria’s secret show Liu Wen show from the text can be seen for many years after the cousin once again on the Victoria’s secret is also slightly excited in social media. Share the good news of Xi Mengyao for 4 consecutive years aboard the Victoria Secret stage of Xi Mengyao Xi Mengyao on social media to share news Sui sixth time on Victoria Secret stage at most times the Chinese supermodel Sui he through social media confirmed the involvement of Victoria’s secret message Ju Xiaowen for the first time this year aboard the Victoria secret Ju Wen stage in addition to the above several, just this morning message is that funny supermodel will for the first time on Ju Wen this year’s Victoria Secret stage, four Chinese supermodel battle is bang bang. Ju Xiaowen announced confirmation only Victoria Secret Angel to free the interview gratifying, but it also raises another question? That is how they are chosen, we will say. The first concern is that as the angel supermodel is not to participate in the interview, you can directly get the show places, such as the official website released this secret dimension of the 12 girls. The 12 angel and the other girl is to have a chance to participate in the interview show, interesting is the interview process, the interviewer will deliberately measure your body proportions, breast size, they can see whether the body is in line with. As long as in their eyes, you can become a qualified Victoria Secret supermodel. Three supermodel debut this year according to the interview model revealed that a point can be selected supermodel, the most important thing is to have infectivity, Victoria Secret is a TV program. The first round of interviews with Casting Director will choose to qualify for the next round of the model, and then there will be a stylist, as well as the top two dimensional secret, will be further screening and interviews. So you can walk into the secret stage is also through layers of screening. The secret of the road Chinese dimension us about Victoria Secret Supermodel supermodel Chinese road. My cousin to become the first in Asia in 2009 for the first time invited Vitoria’s Secret Asian model on the show, Liu Wen had the honor of being the first stage of the Chinese aboard the Victoria Secret supermodel. In 2009 Liu Wen Liu Wen for the first time Liu Wen’s other Victoria Secret catwalk is a blue split underwear, metal accessories exaggerated expression of avant-garde and technology.相关的主题文章: