The same trend of Paris handicap ball set advantage Dalansi Pingban handicap instability

The same handicap: Paris trend ball set advantage Dalansi Pingban handicap instability of different teams have different ability to get the ball. Different bets represent different strength gap. So, what the team in which bets, benefited in every way? What are the giants, in which bets, frequently slip up? The same historical position, to the Macao "as the standard, from the previous team bets performance, with practical reference for you. (Win: W; D; transport disc: disc: L) dynamic Macao handicap European odds Sina instant lottery channel start time against the history of the history of chupan aocai odds odds 02:45 on the 29 day (Saturday) 01 Rangers   VS  Brent WLW LWL 29 02:30 tie (Saturday) 02 Xing   VS  a WWL LLW 29 00:30 Franks (Saturday) 03 Bilefei   VS  Sander LWL LLL 29 00:30 luxury flat (Saturday) 04 de les   VS  WLW DDL 00:30 Bulunrui tie 29 day (Saturday) 05 Munich   VS& nbsp; LLW LWL 29 flat mine AOE 02:45 (Saturday 06) Laijianei   VS  LWL WLL; social tie 29 day (Saturday) 07 Lille 02:45   VS  LWW WWD; German by a ball on the 29 day (Saturday) 08 grams of 02:00 Aya   VS  WWL 29 02:0 WWW hemisphere Laval 0 (Saturday) 09 boolean lattice   VS  Aya GF LWD WLL 02:00 29 (a Saturday) 10 star Tours St.   VS  LLW WLL 29, 02:00 flat (Saturday) 11 Lance   VS  WLL WWW 29, Havre Pingban 02:00 (Saturday) 12 Orlean   VS  Troyes. WWD LLW 02:00 on the 29 day (Saturday) 13   VS  Xie varens; Nigeria Muping semi WLW WWW 29 02:00 (Saturday) 14 Twente   VS  JC LLW LLW   half rhoda;相关的主题文章: