The second coming of age the bathroom style for Baba Mama

The second coming of age Baba Mama should change style bathroom?? recent entertainment is happy. The first is Ella in the evening of 22 in the micro-blog post drying pregnancy test, officially announced the pregnancy to the users in micro-blog, users have thread after congratulations; October 23rd 20:12, Chen in the micro-blog micro-blog Po a "hand in hand" photos, text "thanksgiving" to celebrate his and Zhang Zixuan children born. The men ran   Angelababy, Deng Chao, Zheng Kai…… Also have to send blessings. According to media reports, Zhang Zixuan 23 am in Shanghai, gave birth to her daughter, "6 pounds of two, daughter and daughter of peace," said the woman, the daughter of 6". Zhang Zixuan during pregnancy appears to be very low-key, although several times during the period was photographed suspected of birth and pregnancy pictures, but the two have not been a positive response to this matter, until last night was confirmed. In any case, the baby’s arrival has brought two people full of happiness, a child’s world is always like a fairy tale. ?? Since the second after the opening, around the small and often heard friends good news when upgrading Baba Mama baby, always feel the warmth and joy. Then pull back to the topic of our bathroom, today Xiaobian recommend several types of bathroom products for you, so that the moment between the bathroom full of fairy tales of happiness. Want to have a full of happiness in the fairy tale bathroom, may wish to start from the bathroom products color. Use warm, shallow tone can often make the bathroom decoration style is more vivid. There are warm colors of the toilet, not only can help you break the bathroom blank, reliable quality is also very reliable. The toilet using ultra stable environmental protection, and is widely used in military, aerospace, medical acrylic material, not only the "freshness" toilet color high hardness, good toughness, also has anti-aging, no radiation, anti shock, anti wear, easy to clean and repair features. ?? Glamorous appearance, but also has a powerful flushing effect. Fairy tale castle in the bathroom, it is inevitable that the bathtub. Walked into the bathroom, remove the noisy glitz, enjoy the moment and the fairy tale of happiness. Smooth appearance, make the bathroom get rid of the staid, add more vitality, and against the wind fairy. ? use the master cast faucet switch to make the tub longer and safer. The bottom of the bathtub can not be ignored, the use of anti-skid design in the bathtub, non slip texture can be avoided when the use of wet, and some unnecessary damage, not only beautiful and practical. Create a fairy tale atmosphere of the bathroom environment, careful machine can not be ignored oh! Simple, clean, classic streamline design of the tap, from the details of the bathroom is more full of fairy tale. ?? Effect of bathroom cabinet on the appearance of the bathroom decoration style should not be underestimated, make the bathroom with a fairy tale feeling, choose an American style bathroom cabinet! Simple and generous American style, not only the fairy tale in the warm feeling, more like a romantic fairy tale full of happiness. The quiet and beautiful fairy tale wind appearance, does not affect our bathroom cabinet combination of storage capacity requirements. The rear mirror cabinet is arranged in the bathroom cabinet, bathroom space saving at the same time, but also accommodating large.相关的主题文章: