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"The snow queen" Yang Yang began to break the luck of "superstition" – Sohu " entertainment; the snow queen Yang Yang lecture "   Sohu entertainment news 2016 Rio Olympics just ended, sports enthusiasm is still high. Last year, Yang Yang’s power in the family way Chinese won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics this year, as a member of the International Olympic Committee, with two children came to the Rio Olympic Games site, and two times for China athlete awards. The Saturday night 22:38, made by CCTV integrated channel China first youth TV open class "lecture you" invited to snow sports legend Yang Yang came to the scene, about the difficult process of their China won the first gold of the games and the young people, but also shared her in the eyes of the Olympic spirit. Regain confidence and courage to break the luck of superstition Yang Yang said that the Olympic spirit is the most important. There have been some discordant "episode" — the referee’s misjudgment leads to China boxer Lv Bin missed the final eight in this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, Chinese gymnastics team "flower" are ridiculously low and thus missed the finals in the women’s individual. Yang Yang in the show also shared his first Winter Olympic Games was fined foul and missed the gold medal experience. "You can’t change your opponent, you can’t change the referee." Adjust the mentality of Yang Yang regain confidence back to the stadium. The 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, in the first game of the 1500 meter short track speed skating competition, Yang Yang upset, only won fourth place. "In the last two or three laps, with a flash in my mind, I hope someone fell down in front of." Yang Yang admitted that he almost gave up the fight in the game, but pray to rely on luck to determine the fate. "This is fatal." She bluntly pointed out his mistake. In order to concentrate for the next game, before the 500 meter short track speed skating in second days, Yang Yang shut himself in his room to write "nine principles", and put all the things all done before Taboo — the long hair cutter, short nails, change luck vest…… Just to break the superstition of luck". "There’s no luck now, so the only thing you can do now is to fight." With the reflection of the previous game after the defeat, hold an unyielding drive, Yang Yang finally stand on the Olympics by virtue of the strength of the top of the podium, won the first gold for the history of the Winter Olympics Chinese. The subversion of values "sports let me become a better person" in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, China again after a lapse of 12 years to win women’s volleyball, volleyball who does not give up the spirit is more touching than the gold medal. Since, from the media to the audience always used to the gold medal of heroes, but the Olympic Games audience mentality gradually mature, in addition to the gold medal, we also pay attention to Fu Yuanhui’s "the power", Qin Kai and Hezi "you win, lose the world and how the feelings touched each other, understand the achievements Lin Dan and Li Zongwei go beyond their own spirit. This change in the mentality of the gold medal also occurred in Yang Yang..相关的主题文章: