The statue of the wing God Ronaldo himself the strongest opponent of Chelsea’s Secret

C Luo personally secret career strongest opponents: Chelsea’s statue of Cole, the God of C wing is convinced sina sports who is C Ronaldo career encountered the most difficult opponent? C Luo himself gives the answer, Ashley – Cole, the former world’s first left back. C Luo said he met Cole every time is very difficult. Manchester United, each time against Chelsea, C Ronaldo and Ashley – confrontation, so he impressed the England star. C Luo said: "those years, I and Ashley – Cole had a lot of great duel, he did not give you a chance to breathe. He is very stubborn, the peak period of Cole steals fast and fierce. Every time I meet him, I know it’s not an easy game." C Luo also once again expressed thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson, he said: "I take Ferguson as my father, all of my coaches are very important, but when I arrived in Manchester United when I was a boy, and I join Real Madrid has grown into a man. Suddenly joined one of the world’s biggest clubs, when I really needed someone like Ferguson to help me." (Marco)相关的主题文章: