The streets of Suqian luxury car collision by taxi fraud (Photos)-running man 20130908

The streets of Suqian luxury car collision by taxi fraud (Photos) a business car was parked on the roadside, three luxury cars roaring mad to the impact, glass, debris on the floor. A business car was parked on the roadside, three luxury cars roaring mad to the impact, glass, debris on the floor…… Like a scene in a movie scene in Jiangsu, Suqian, one morning. 28, the reporter learned from the Suqian police, the crash case, immediately instructed the police uncovered a car rental fraud cases, 16 suspects involved in the case has been transferred to the police prosecution. February 19, 2016 morning, Suqian City Public Security Bureau received a report together, a few foreigners beating by a group of people in Suqian to find the car, the car was scrapped. The police rushed to the scene found a Henan license business car was parked on the roadside, the vehicle badly damaged. As a result of the impact, the suspect driving a silver car is also severely damaged, leaving the scene of the crime. The police claimed that they contain three cars, they a line of four, there are two people suspected of being away, disappear without a trace. Police immediately tracked the suspect vehicle, the same day in the early morning of a remote place in the canal to find another two victims. The beaten and frightened victims and bruised, after seeing the police burst into tears. According to the survey, the victim Wang Mou in Henan Zhengzhou operating a car rental company, a month ago, people rented a white BMW car after the expiration of 520, not only did not return, the car also lost contact. The suspect Wang Mou by waving an iron bar hit the windows installed in the car on the GPRS to find the whereabouts of the BMW car, all the way from Henan to Suqian, according to GPRS, a BMW car parked in an underground parking lot of a residential area in Suqian. Wang and others in search of a car, but the suspect has been quietly staring. Parking lot monitor screen display, Wangmou vehicle into a small underground parking lot near a Suqian vehicle license with the inside, and out of the garage, less than a minute, before pour out of the traffic in Suqian called the other two cars together into the garage. In order to prevent the Henan vehicle to escape, the suspect will be a business car stuck in the garage exit, two other cars followed, Henan vehicle containment in the middle. Subsequently, the suspect came to the front of the business license in Henan, with an ax, steel and other hit the car glass, such as Wang mou. Wang drove hard rushed out from the cracks, the suspect still refused to give up, with an axe, steel and other goods drove to catch up. After a few minutes of business car again by containment, three cars took turns to ram. In a downtown Suqian Road, Henan business license plate car knocked scrapped, suspect a silver car was scrapped at the scene. The police quickly locked the Lumou more than and 10 suspects, after more than half a year, the police will have fled the field of criminal suspects arrested. Lumou account, its long-term low-cost acquisition of vehicles from the car rental companies to cheat, in order to prevent the leasing company to find the door, they will arrange for each car care. On the day of the incident, they bought a low-cost Henan license.相关的主题文章: