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Self rating Deng Xiaofei heart: I have the final Lifan players progress space Deng Xiaofei Daily reporter Lu Mi is also a past season last year, little twists and turns, Lifan also once the masters of their own destiny, get rid of the "super lift". This season, from the defeat Hengda delight, to 11 wheel winless, and finally to advance to avoid relegation, the players have experienced too much journey beyond words. You may see is their goal after the carnival, in the Spotlight shining, the end of the season, they also want to talk about this year they have experienced the most true feeling, this time, is still the heart. What is the most impressive game of the season? Liu Yu (back): the first win the Champions League, is also the first home court wins Evergrande won the confidence of the team to avoid relegation, but he also got a red card. Ding Jie (back): Several impressions are very deep, but the deepest should be home to win greentown. It was my father’s first home game this year and I promised him a goal before the game. Deng Xiaofei (goalkeeper): home to Evergrande, we scored 3 points in the first game, but also my first home, won the Asian champion, this mood is very special. (Gigliotti, foreign aid striker): Tianjin’s most exciting, we lost the first two goals and then comeback, is our first away win season. Kardec (foreign aid striker): the deepest impression is all because there are a lot of home court, every enthusiastic fans cheer. Wang Weicheng (back): the deepest impression of a home should be war Hengda bar. Because a lot of people didn’t think we could win at home before the game. Is there a time that makes you feel the most difficult? Liu Yu: at the beginning of a few teams did not win, I am very anxious. Ding Jie: the winter injury resulting in winter is not when I came to the system, the first two rounds of League did not play later in the game have been looking for, plus the team met ten victorious. Deng Xiaofei: this season in 11 matches, I feel a little bit nervous, a lot of pressure, because as a goalkeeper, games have lost the ball, the burden is very heavy. Gigliotti: Overall, I’ve been adjusting and looking for goals. Kardec: when it is difficult to get to China that time, we should gradually adapt to the time difference and the environment, especially things to eat, ha ha. Wang Weicheng: at the beginning of the season I ge later, useless, I confused over a period of time. But also quickly aware of their shortcomings, through repeated communication, coupled with efforts to improve themselves every day, but also ready to play at any time. After victory over Hengda, experienced a period of low tide, how do you spend it? Liu Yu: in fact, those who played well, especially in the defense to do a good job, the scene has an advantage, I never lost hope. Ding Jie: that time is our new coach group and the new members of the "ordeal", when we study the most suitable way to play there is the best place for others, coupled with injuries! Fortunately we found it in time.相关的主题文章: