The tomb of the millennium long light mouth crack thieves immortal mystery oembios.bin

There are thousands of years long light tomb tomb mouth crack thieves immortal mystery around the world, they are trying to steal, to the tomb buried for thousands of years of gold and silver jewelry, often isolated tomb, the treasures of thousands of years is also quite well preserved. In this year’s Tomb Raider suffering oppression, often think that there should be blinding. But sometimes they are horrified to discover that, in some tombs on the dome, a faint light projection lamp. In the year 527, Syria is located in the east of Rome Empire, then east Rome soldiers in the territory of Syria have found a niche in the pass in a light, light is exquisite cover cover, cover seems to protect. According to the inscription found at the time, the lamp was lit in 27 ad.. When the soldiers found it, it had been burning for 500 years! It was a pity that the barbaric soldiers soon destroyed it, and the mystery of the lamp was known. A Greek historian recorded a lamp burning at the gates of the Egyptian temple of the sun. The lamp will not go out for centuries without any fuel. According to the Rome theologian St. Augustin described the Egyptian temple of Venus also has a similar light lamp, is blown out, the rain poured immortal, really a bit like looking from "journey to the west" the Flaming Mountains on fire. In 1400, people found that the ancient Rome king payless tomb also lit a lamp, the lamp has continued to burn for 2000 years! The wind and water have no choice but to go out, the only way to get rid of it is to draw out the strange liquid in the lamp bowl. This is the myth of Aladdin’s lamp? In 1534, Britain’s King Henry VIII’s troops stormed the Church of England, the dissolution of the religious groups, mining and robbed many graves. They dug Rome emperor Constantine the father of the grave in Yorkshire, found a burning lamp, Constantine’s father died in 300 years, which means that the lamp burned in 1200! In 1540, Pope Paul Sans in Rome Appian Rome (an ancient Rome Avenue) found a burning lamp beside the grave. The tomb is said to be the tomb of Cicero, the daughter of the ancient Rome politician, who died in 44 BC in the year. Apparently, the lamp burned in the closed arch tomb in 1584! What is more interesting is that the corpse in the grave is immersed in an unknown liquid that looks as if it had just died. The light just all over the world found in a few cases. Archaeological records show that this temple tomb lights or lights phenomenon are found all over the world, such as India, China, Egypt, Greece, South America, North America and other ancient civilizations have many countries and regions, even in Italy, Britain, Ireland and France and other places also appeared. So why not long light magic until today? The ancient people do not pay enough attention to the pilot found? In fact, the ancient people really save the lamp network相关的主题文章: