The Top 5 Divorce Settlements In The

Divors Divorce is not only emotionally draining but a major financial burden as well. Even considering the astronomical legal costs of high-status divorces, the biggest expenses are the divorce settlements, many of which run into millions, and the occasional billion as well. Here are the top five divorce settlements in matrimonial history: 1. Rupert and Anna Murdoch – $1.7 billion The winner by many a mile, or rather many a dollar, media mogul and owner of News Corp Rupert Murdoch married Anna Torv, an Estonian-born cadet journalist working for his Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph, in 1967. The pair remained married for 32 years and raised three children – Elisabeth, Lachlan and James. They split amicably in 1998 but soon Rupert forced Anna off the board of News Corp and the divorce turned acrimonious. Eventually, Anna received $1.7 billion worth of Rupert’s assets, $110 million of it in cash. 2.Adnan and Soraya Khashoggi – $874 million Not many would know of Adnan Khashoggi today, but he grabbed headlines around the world in the 1980s for his involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal. In the 1960s he married 20-year old Englishwoman Sandra Daly who took the name Soraya. The couple led a flamboyant lifestyle resulting in extra-marital affairs on both sides. In fact, one of their daughters was found by DNA testing in 1999 to have been fathered by another man. They divorced in 1982, netting Soraya a $874 million windfall. 3. Craig and Wendy McCaw – $460 million Craig McCaw was one of the pioneers of the wireless industry. He turned around a failing television cable service he had inherited from his father, eventually selling for $755 million. In 1981, he foresaw the tremendous growth in the cellular phone market and acquired several licenses, creating a profitable .pany that he sold to .munications major AT&T for $12 billion, its largest shareholder. Hi wife Wendy, whom he had met at Stanford University and married in 1974, filed for divorce in 1995. Craig settled with his ex-wife for $460 million, most of it in stock. 4. Roman and Irina Abramovich – $300 million Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is best known to the Western world as the owner of English football club Chelsea., but he has interests in several businesses across the globe. During the dissolution of the Soviet Union and its aftermath, he leveraged his friendship with then-President Boris Yeltstin to acquire controlling stakes in state-owned .panies for fractions of their actual values and greatly increased his fortune. He divorced his second wife Irina in 2007, with the latter getting a settlement rumored to be around $300 million. The figure included the value of homes in Britain and Moscow, as well as a yacht and private plane. 5.Michael and Maya Polsky – $184 million Another couple from the erstwhile Soviet Union rounds off the top 5. Michael and Maya Polsky arrived in the US with just $500 in their pockets, but soon grew in stature and wealth to be.e multimillionaires. Michael was CEO of Chicago-based Invenergy LLC when Maya filed for divorce in 2003 citing "irreconcilable differences". Three years later, a Chicago judge ruled that Maya wasentitled to half the couple’s assets, .ting Maya a whopping $184 million. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: