The two woman suspected because of emotional disputes triangle street video online heat transfer at alienware m17x

The two woman suspected because of emotional disputes triangle street video online heat transfer at Beijing – the Southern Metropolis Daily News September 12th (reporter Wang Zhongxin) 12 days morning 11 am, near the town of Wanning city in the first resettlement area, the two woman clashed in a grey car. It is understood that many small videos in the local WeChat group, you can see from the video, a man sitting in the car parked on the roadside driving position, the man suspected his wife from the cab window for tearing sitting in the passenger seat of the woman. Witnesses said three people may have emotional disputes. "Seeing the Mid Autumn Festival, how to fight?" 12, 2009, who lives in the north of the town of construction, said Ms. Lee, she passed the door on the same day in the morning when the alley and found a dispute with onlookers. Ms. Lee said at 11 am, a man of the age of thirty or forty to open a gray car, the copilot seat sat a long haired woman wearing a dark blue dress. Suddenly, another woman wearing a sun hat of the yellow car and the car stopped, the woman quarreled and conflict. The woman in yellow side at each other, starting from the side of the cab for tearing each other. The man drove across in the middle, has been blocked, but yellow woman emotional, it is difficult to prevent. According to the motorcycle driver Mr. Fu said, to a man with a woman in Yellow Road, until hailed the dispute, the two should be a couple. Another woman on the car rarely speak, has been to protect their heads. Finally, a woman in a dark blue dress gets off the copilot. Reporters found that at least three live video spread to WeChat group and other social networks. In this dispute, reporters to the area west of the city police station to understand the situation, the person in charge of the matter has not received the relevant police intelligence. Police warned that family disputes should be properly dealt with, you can take legal rights and other ways, it is not appropriate to take irrational action.相关的主题文章: