The United Nations envoy US Russian negotiations on the Syrian issue stop is a serious setback remonstrate

The United Nations envoy: US Russian negotiations on the Syrian issue stop is a serious setback on 6 October, Xinhua news agency, Geneva (reporter Nie Xiaoyang Shi Jianguo) said the UN special envoy for Syria Demis Tuula 6, Palace of Nations in Geneva held a press conference, the United States and Russia to suspend bilateral talks to maintain the ceasefire agreement in Syria’s decision was "serious setback". The Ventura said the situation in Syria, especially in the northern city of Aleppo, the situation is very urgent. If the current trend continues, the East Aleppo region will be "completely destroyed" before Christmas this year". In order to avoid more civilian casualties, he called on militants in eastern Aleppo to evacuate. 3, the United States announced the suspension of negotiations with Russia on the issue of the ceasefire in Syria, while the use of the Russian side to jointly fight against terrorists military plan. In September 10th, the United States and Russia have the Syrian parties to the conflict to implement a new ceasefire agreement. According to the Syrian allegations, the United States led the fight against extremist organization Islamic State League of nations under a cease-fire agreement in the Syrian army target air strikes. Syria’s military subsequently issued a statement announcing the launch of a military operation against Aleppo militants. Aleppo was the economic center and the largest city in Syria. In the conflict in Syria, the Syrian government forces control of the western region of the city, while the eastern region was controlled by the armed opposition and extremist groups. Syrian army command issued a statement on the 5 day of this month, announced that it will temporarily reduce the military operations in the eastern region of Aleppo militants control area to improve the humanitarian situation in the country. In the meantime, where civilians and militants to surrender can leave. (end)相关的主题文章: