The upgrading of consumption to dig up consumption upgrade this gold First look at Wu Xiaobo, Ye Guo verbal jint

The upgrading of consumption | prepared to dig this gold consumption upgrade? First look at Wu Xiaobo, Ye Guofu, Chen what they say – Sohu capital technology after baptism of winter, the first half of this year to become the all kinds of venture capital touted by the transition period to the rational. Consumer upgrades, SaaS services is undoubtedly the two most investors and entrepreneurs in 2016 by the key words. The SaaS service of the fiery scene, in the July 5th transit goods held "2016ESIC Enterprise Service Innovation Conference of investors and entrepreneurs have experience. But for the consumer to upgrade, upgrade, what what seems upgrade are indistinct problems. In the consumer to become an entrepreneur must become BP keyword, it is also a lot of misunderstanding. Someone summed up now for the upgrading of consumption generally three misunderstanding: first, for the three major misunderstandings of consumption upgrade: buy more expensive to buy, spend some time, famous founder and CEO flower Yi wrote too to buy luxury goods, some people think that in the past to buy a toothpaste 20 yuan, now buy 40 yuan, is consumption upgrade. Wrong, this is a typical misunderstanding of consumer upgrades. Not to sell more expensive, but sold more cheap; not more famous the better, but on behalf of certain values or spiritual claims; attaches price will become the foundation, pan light luxury will become the norm; this is the understanding of the correct posture of this round of consumption upgrade. (from the FT Institute of "wealthy middle class financial investment research report") Credit Suisse released "Global Wealth Report 2015" display, Chinese middle class number reached 109 million, becoming the largest global middle class country. Have left many people, will naturally choose more high-quality products. But this round of consumer upgrades presented to the business opportunities, not to do things more expensive, but to sell the better products to the public, the luxury goods into a high-quality. First, the upgrade is not more expensive to sell more expensive, but the more the cheaper the sale. For example, in the past imported products are only part of the elite of the consumer category, but the rise of a series of cross-border electricity supplier, so that more people can enjoy a relatively cheap price to the world’s best commodities. For example, fast fashion has been alive, in a sense also to the good time of this wave of consumption upgrading, through the optimization of supply chain and marketing chain, the cost control to achieve the ultimate, and simultaneously enhance the quality of products, that is to say: the more people buy, the cheaper, product quality even the better. Second, the trend of consumer upgrades will be the birth of a new consumer brand, and this round brings the brand opportunity is: not the more famous the better, but on behalf of a certain value or spiritual proposition. On behalf of a kind of value proposition, the brand is no longer coveted big and full, but for a class of sub cultural groups desperately speak, there is an opportunity for users to become consumers, consumers become fans. Comes with the brand strength of fans, the current increase in the flow of the cost of the moment, the value is particularly prominent. Third, the price will become the foundation of Pan light luxury will become the norm. In the past few years, the Internet campaign, whether it is the electricity supplier or O2O, although the market players endless tricks, but the core has never changed, that is the price code相关的主题文章: