The US Army releases 20 major technological trends that will change the world over the next 30 years k9084

The US Army releases 20 major technological trends that will change the world over the next 30 years! Sohu science and technology near the end of the year, but also to the end of the major media inventory summary. DT Jun had earlier studied in this year’s U.S. Army released a 35 page 2016-2045 emerging technology trends report. The report is based on the United States over the past five years by the government agencies, consulting agencies, think tanks, research institutions and other scientific and technological trends related to the investigation report published on the basis of the formation of the 32. Through the comprehensive analysis and comparison of the 20 science and technology trends, we have finally identified the most noteworthy trends in the development of science and technology of the 700. The release of the report is to help the U.S. Army and the relevant departments for the next 30 years may affect the core technology of national strength has an overall grasp, the second is for the country and social capital specified technology investment direction, to ensure that the United States and the U.S. military in the world in the future strategic advantage. Robots and automation systems on earth in 2045, robots and automation systems will be everywhere. Self driving cars will make traffic safer and more efficient, and perhaps bring new impetus to the shared economy. Robots will be responsible for a large number of tasks in their daily lives, such as the care of the elderly and the purchase of food, as well as industrial duties, such as harvesting crops, maintaining public facilities, etc.. With the mobility, sensitivity and intelligence of the robot, they will become a powerful warrior in the battlefield, assisted, or even substitute for human soldiers fighting. Artificial intelligence software will be used to business, such as the extraction of meaningful information from hundreds of TB data, the business service automation, such as customer service, and occupation substitute teachers in traditional sense of "people-oriented". However, robots and automation will also bring many crises. Millions of workers who have been replaced by machines will have a great impact on society, leading to economic and social instability. Automated network system will become the main breach of mutual attack by hostile forces. The use of robots and automated systems in conflict is likely to create great ethical and cultural challenges. Representative: machine learning technology sensor and control system of human-computer interaction applications: AlphaGo robot nervous system Microsoft chat robot Tay increasing material manufacturing increased material manufacturing (3D printing) has been in the industry as a manufacturing limited design prototype techniques have been used for more than 30 years. However, in the past ten years, 3D printing technology has been amazing development. Now, with the decline of 3D printer prices and the emergence of a large number of open source tools and payment model, the world has seen a huge hit off group, the moment of the ultimate breakthrough of this technology. In 2040, 3D printing technology will change the world. A new generation of 3D printers will be able to integrate a wide variety of materials, electronic components, batteries and other originals. People will make use of 3D printing technology to manufacture相关的主题文章: