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"The wedding" why Sui Yung Lang downhearted – Sohu entertainment Sui Yongliang revenge plot staged by love cold     Sohu entertainment news from Zhejiang Tak television produced by Limited by Share Ltd, Ng Cheuk Hai, Yao Di, Sui Yongliang starred in the big cities emotional drama "marriage for what" in Anhui TV, Shenzhen TV broadcast drama Jianrugaochao by the enthusiastic audience response and discussion. The play, Sui Yongliang played the Zheng N second marriage failed to restore the words, "divorce" storm let the two families make people gradually raise a Babel of criticism of Zheng Yan, showing many sided, but very subtly malicious absolutely ruthless and affectionate, love stories in the story of disputes yesterday spread. Sui Yongliang refused to hate the downhearted because of love gradually "marriage" in Sui Yung Lang explained why is an overbearing husband for body image, unwilling to concede to the persistent feelings. Zheng Yan and Jenna sweet past the end because of misunderstanding became the most familiar stranger. Recently, with many efforts and attempts have failed, the interpretation of the words of Sui Yung Lang Zheng began to show the versatility. Before his life is 2.1 very simple, work is a life-saving conscience doctor, home turned cook love fitness model husband. However, many violent dispute gradually after the meal is relatively cold, Zheng Yan became downhearted, becomesirrational and uncompromising, that have also lost the feeling that he was on Wang Luyi’s hatred. Sui Yongliang said the intense inner feelings change Zheng twists and turns reveal the most incisive, especially cold eyes revealed no defeat, let netizen comments Sui Yung Lang "acting are always very tension". Sui Yung Lang revenge rivals out of scheming treatment opportunities and Yao Di plays Jenna after breaking up, Zheng Yan in love obsession on suffering, after seeing you rid of "happiness, is on the verge of collapse, and even refused to give up, then took advantage of his position to the doctor’s instinct let Wang Luyi mother lose treatment a chance, Wang Luyi learned the truth is to make part of Zheng Yan strike violently. Zheng said in a spoony perfect marriage without love after the final burst, gradually lost. This is the original face of Zheng rice CP, the audience said although Zheng words into "boy, but he subtly malicious" for the way since the courage to pursue love, continuous self-improvement spirit is to defend the marriage can be recognized and understood, for they haven’t started before the end of the marriage feel regret. Fans have said Zheng Yan such as "Miyoshi" husband people in reality or a market, also can give Zheng said screenwriter request to arrange a good home. "The wedding" why, said Zheng is a distinctive typical Virgo male, oldstyle but single-minded, although stubborn but affectionate, according to this character set just perfect interpretation of the Sui Dynasty Yung Lang complex character extreme character. Zheng Yan’s dramatic life experience deeply touched the hearts of the audience, causing the audience to think about the choice of marriage and love. Please continue to focus more drama, Anhui TV, Shenzhen TV prime time broadcast of the "marriage" why.相关的主题文章: