The world’s first driverless taxi in Singapore on the road (video) sexinse

The world’s first driverless taxi coming in Singapore "on the road" Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, the world’s first driverless taxi started today in Singapore debut, part of the public will be able to call the car for free through intelligent mobile phone. The operation of these driverless taxis is a start-up company nuTonomy. Although Google (micro-blog) and Volvo and other companies in recent years has been testing unmanned vehicles on public roads, but nuTonomy claimed to be the first company to use unmanned vehicles equipped with the public. The company’s services even earlier than the Uber will be launched in the United States, Pittsburgh taxi service a few weeks early. The service will start from an early age, only 6 cars at the beginning, when the end of the year to more than a dozen. NuTonomy executives said the company’s goal is to have a fully driverless taxi fleet in Singapore in 2018, which will greatly reduce the number of car ownership in Singapore to ease road congestion situation. At present, the taxi in only one called the "one-north" operating area of about 6.5 square kilometers of commercial and residential areas, and only in the designated location and passenger boarding. In addition, only the public invited to receive nuTonomy to use the service. NuTonomy says dozens of people have signed up for the first day of operations. The company plans to spend a few months to increase the number of people who enjoy the service to thousands. These driverless taxi ZOE mini electric car by Renault and MITSUBISHI i-MiEV electric hatchback refitted, will be in the front seat is equipped with a driver to respond to emergency situations, equipped with a researcher in the back seat, whose duty is to look at the car’s computer. Each vehicle is equipped with six sets of laser radar (as a detection system), the radar installed on the roof will continue to rotate. The front of the car is also equipped with two cameras, used to identify obstacles to detect traffic lights change. NuTonomy CEO Karl Iagnemma said the company has not yet been determined when the official operation of the service. After the end of the trial operation, passengers have to pay, but also to increase the number of passengers. NuTonomy is also considering other cities in Asia and some cities in Europe and the United States similar taxi testing services, but Iagnemma did not disclose the specific time. Parker said that after the unmanned taxi into operation, the road vehicles will gradually reduce the number of vehicles from Singapore to 300 thousand vehicles on the road in the city of. "The reduction in the number of vehicles on the road will bring a lot of possibilities, such as roads can be built narrower, parking lot smaller," said Parker. "I think it will change the way people interact with the city." Founded in 2013, NuTonomy has offices in Massachusetts and Singapore with 50 employees. Founder Karl Iagnemma and Emilio Frazzol is a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, engaged in robotics research, and for the U.S. Department of defense research and development of driverless cars. Earlier this year, NuTonomy was first approved by the government of Singapore, in on相关的主题文章: