They live permanently banned drug anchor when the thing person just imitate brock lesnar

They live permanently banned drug anchor when the thing person just imitate recently there are users on the micro-blog bid, Betta live platform, an anchor even as the lens from live drug users screenshot lens, a young man sitting in the car in the cab, the right hand left hand a piece of paper, a tubular object, with tube near the nose, suspected of drug action. After the incident, the matter in the anchor micro-blog responded that there is no drug, just to imitate the effect of the program. Micro-blog users broke the screenshots according to friends broke the news that October 25th morning, the betta live on the platform, a male anchor for the 300 thousand live audience of drug abuse. After the matter in micro-blog exposure, quickly sparked hot friends. On the evening of October 26th, the anchor apologized to the public on micro-blog’s own conduct. The anchor said, the morning of October 25th, when the brain is hot, in order to increase the effect of the program, I performed a very bad action. I am a fitness model, in order to keep fit, not even smoking. Then broadcast the idea is very simple, just want to curry favour by claptrap to please the audience, did not consider so much. After two days of reflection, I realized that I was wrong, as an ordinary citizen, I should not be like this, not to mention as a anchor. A short period of growth has been a bit of a loss to me, and I need to calm down for a while. What I do in front of the screen is a million eyes looking at me, I should bring positive content to the audience, rather than negative discipline content. For the adverse effects, I hope the audience do not imitate, I apologize." The anchor screenshot micro-blog platform has been permanently banned the betta the anchor.相关的主题文章: