Thigh into a inspirational legend! Never wear shoes in the countryside to the Red Army ACE (video) magicq

Thigh into a inspirational legend! Never wear shoes in rural areas to the Reds ace seamless connection! The price for selection of Red Army wing slag uncle Titans stadium stunning moment Tencent November 9th MANET sports news when MANET in the summer to 32 million pounds from Southampton to Liverpool (data) when. There are many people questioned, the Cyclops took office after the first high priced signings, they will not be like Rodgers and former not bought a lottery ticket, but the season was only 1/3 less than, will he let hi all the voices of doubt without a trace, he became one of the Premier League’s most powerful the attacker. However, just 9 years ago, now the best attack in the Premier League, just a poor boy in rural Senegal. After the horse – poor boy’s horse came to Liverpool counter attack first show, then let the two Arsenal defender Monreal and Chambers became the background plate, from his two personal attack breakout success, finished a long goal, and this is not the first time that Arsenal horse eat bitterness, in two years ago that is also the face of the gunman, also played for Southampton he created a penalty, helped the team out of the opponent in the Carling cup. The horse is not good only recently known things, when he was in 2012 from the transfer of Salzburg Red Bull Metz, this is his agent to describe their customers, "can not find enough words to describe him, in fact, strong horse dynamic ability and fight the Universiade, when he was a young man in Senegal District Street sedhiou, has been reflected, his football career is growing from the dust in this town. The horse at the age of 15, he went to the town 500 miles north of Dakar (capital of Senegal), and it is here that his fate began to be rewritten. "I left my hometown, and my uncle went to the capital, because there are a lot of tryout", this is a goal that in MANET itself into being selected into the 2016 annual 50 ball thirty-ninth, made his football career started introduction. "We went there, there have been a lot of boys in the test, and are organized together to play against the group, I will never forget this scene, now I think it is very interesting, but I want to try, an older man kept looking at me, as if I stand in the wrong place." "He asked me if I was coming to the test, and I told him he was right, and then he asked me, ‘are you wearing broken shoes? You look at your shoes. How do you play in it, "he said yes, this shoe is very bad, not only is very old, and the soles are split, and then he said in addition to my shoes, my Football Shorts also don’t look right." "I told him I was wearing the best equipment I have, I just want to play and show themselves, when I came to the stadium, everyone can see his surprise, and then he came to me, I will now go directly to your selection, I can go to play in his team in this trial, after I entered the Academy, and before that, I just play in the street)相关的主题文章: