Three logic led plate popularity soared more than 1 billion 500 million pre emptive layout of the

Three logical LED popularity soared more than 1 billion 500 million speed plate layout of the first 12 shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest 60 million – Qiao Chuanchuan told reporters yesterday, the long silence of the LED plate transaction occurs, the overall sector rose 3.17%, ranked third in 28. If the level of the industry; plate, Guangxin materials, nationstar, Tongyi shares, changelight, Jufei and other 5 stocks strong limit, in addition, Australia Shunchang, Sanan optoelectronics, and Abison, Yankon xinhaiyi, GoerTek shares and REFOND stocks also rose more than 5%. On the news surface, released in China according to the end of 2011 "China phasing out incandescent roadmap" shows that since October 1, 2016, will ban the import and sale of 15 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting, or as the mid-term evaluation results are adjusted. This also means that our country since October 1st this year, or will enter a new period of comprehensive sale of incandescent light bulbs. In this regard, some market participants said that in addition to the favorable policy side, LED industry is warmer and the main reason leading stocks Buzhang appeal is the LED plate yesterday collective outbreak. In fact, this view has also been recognized by some institutions. Ping An Securities said, LED industry is experiencing winter after the spring; since 2015 LED industry overall slowdown in 2015, the total output value of China’s LED was 396 billion 700 million yuan, representing growth of 15.15%, the growth rate is only about half of 30.5% in 2014. Into the second quarter of 2016, LED industry showed signs of recovery, LED light bulb terminal prices slowed, prices bottomed out. In addition, Ping An Securities also said that recently, the largest chip manufacturer Chinese Sanan optoelectronics decided on the part of small and medium size product prices go up 10%, and the XinDa, and the photoelectric photoelectric amp Linsen LED manufacturers will RGB lamp prices go up 5%, this is the year following the March and May third times the price adjustment after the price adjustment. This year, the supply side continued to shrink, the decline in the size of the package are making the overall LED industry supply and demand relationship has improved, which are conducive to the performance of the industry leading stocks. From the market performance during the year, 61 LED stocks, 20 stocks in the stock price this year performance underperformed the broader market over the same period (stock index has fallen 12.67% this year), including FSL, photoelectric, Jufei, rectangular group, alto electronics and optoelectronics industry leading shares. It is in the above context, the fund has begun to layout LED plate. Specifically, within the sector, OPPLE lighting, Sanan optoelectronics, nationstar and changelight 4 stocks nearly 5 days of accumulated large single capital inflows were more than 100 million yuan, respectively: 584 million yuan, 292 million yuan, 143 million yuan and 136 million yuan; in addition, Australia Shunchang, Kohand shares, GoerTek shares, Chau Ming technology, Jiawei shares, Riyadh, Xinhai and Silan and other 8 stocks nearly 5 days of accumulated large single capital inflows also were more than 30 million yuan, on the相关的主题文章: