Tiangong two can be added on orbit space refueling propellant technology breakthrough in Beijing huangshexiaoshuo

Tiangong two can be added on orbit space refueling propellant technology breakthrough – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Xi’an, September 16 (reporter Fu Ruixia, Lin Juan) "Tiangong two" space laboratory successfully launched its full range of engine, developed by the space base in Xi’an China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Sixth Research institute. The reporter learned from the hospital, the space station key technology research project — one of the propellant in orbit addition technology has made a breakthrough, as next year China’s first cargo ship "boat one day" was launched, the space filling technology will be officially used for our country, the construction of the space station to provide the energy and power of Everfount. "Tiangong two" as China’s first true sense of the space laboratory, is the prototype of small scale space station, compared to the "Tiangong-1", there are many innovations, the main improvement is one of the more added function of propellant in orbit." Vice Minister of six space quality and Technology Department Tan Songlin said that during the operation of the spacecraft in orbit, need to consume propellant to maintain orbit and attitude. However, the amount of propellant carried by the spacecraft is certain, and the propellant consumption is completed, which means the end of the life of the spacecraft. By adding the propellant, the spacecraft can refuel in space, thereby greatly extending the life. It is a difficult problem in the world to achieve the task of adding propellant in space. At present, only Russia and the United states. After 2011, "Tiangong-1" and "Shenzhou eight" completed six space rendezvous and docking, the start of the 801 key technology of adding propellant in orbit. After many years of hard exploration and experimental research, the key unit of the space lab propellant in orbit space compressor and liquid floating breaker has achieved a breakthrough from zero to success. Additional key technologies successfully completed, and laid a solid foundation for the development of China space station project, and adding compressor system and key equipment successfully developed, not only to break the blockade of foreign technology, but also to fill the gaps in the field of aerospace China, across another technical realization of China’s space in the field. Will China become the second country in the world of self mastery of the core technology of adding space. Hospital dean Liu Zhirang said, "Tiangong two" is China’s first space with the additional function of the manned space laboratory, and will be the first propellant space added technology test, provide technical reserves for future space station construction.相关的主题文章: