Tianjin outstanding youth volunteers can enjoy many benefits playfully-darren hayes

Tianjin outstanding youth volunteers enjoy many playfully welfare before the 51 departments jointly signed by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League "on the implementation of outstanding youth volunteers and joint incentive to accelerate the construction of credit system of the Youth Action Plan", the pilot city the city has become the "action plan", in education, employment, social security etc. a field of outstanding youth volunteers and trustworthy joint incentive implementation. "Action plan" to ensure the integrity of the joint incentive target for outstanding young volunteers, that is a good volunteer service records and 3 consecutive years without bad credit record of 5A level youth volunteers. The rating is based on the "voluntary China" website registered volunteer data as the foundation, in order to volunteer time, frequency, single service time of three main factors, considering the winners and social evaluation factors, establish the evaluation index system of young volunteers, youth volunteers will be divided into five grades 1A to 5A. According to the "action plan" provisions of outstanding youth volunteers can enjoy the convenience and benefits are mainly — education services and management: under the same conditions, giving priority to the school outstanding youth volunteers, the relevant units shall be selected priority in Pingyoupingxian, sent abroad to provide subsidies for Lin; occupation training in accordance with the provisions of the outstanding youth volunteers give priority to training, etc.. – employment and innovative service: Party and government organs and institutions of outstanding youth volunteer recruitment priority under the same conditions, the volunteer activities included in the evaluation index of Pingyoupingxian and other activities; priority access to internships, employment opportunities and public employment service; served as the legal representative of the outstanding youth volunteers of the enterprise, in some of the administrative examination and approval accept enjoy "Easy Access" and "lack of capacity to receive other convenient services and import and export customs facilitation measures; priority access to entrepreneurship training, financial support and other professional services; in accordance with the relevant provisions in the patent application, trademark registration and copyright registration and provide legal limits, accelerate service priority. — social security service: provide convenience in a bid to stay public pension institutions for their immediate family members, to meet the conditions of the appropriate pension service subsidies; provide convenience in the marriage registration services, certification service and marriage and family counseling services; to meet the conditions, provide convenience and benefits in application for reconstruction when. — financial and housing rental services: as a good credit record financial credit information database; as the reference condition of banks and other financial institutions to credit financing; to meet the conditions, be incorporated into the scope of protection of public rental etc.. — cultural life: encourage museums, public libraries, cultural centers, museums, stadiums etc. in the public cultural and sports facilities and parks, tourist attractions and other places, give free tours, or fare concessions and other convenient services; encourage city traffic system to give preferential policies to encourage airlines to purchase; implementation of the "integrity of the ticket" plan to provide priority service, "credit purchase" facilitation measures and preferential policies. — the first tree: in a civilized city, civilized units, moral model, labor medal, 54 medals, 38 red banner and China.相关的主题文章: