Too strong! Inter Feng Ba crazy Biao Gonzalo Higuain 40 million to buy his 1

Too strong! Inter Feng Ba crazy Biao Gonzalo Higuain 40 million to buy his 1 legs Inter this season all the goals are made for I Karl Di sina sports news is, you are not wrong, this season the Nerazzurri scored 7 in the league are created by I Karl Di! In the international Milan away 2 to 0 victory over Empoli, the younger brother again scored two in 17 minutes, let the game lost the suspense early. You know, before the start of the season, the Milan team was the young captain black but the worst one. The summer transfer market continues to spread in Naples and the I Karl Di scandal, the price was even increased to 70 million euros. With the coach Mancini leave, Milan international military was very troubled, but Suning entered the top tough attitude will be the team to stay pillar. At the beginning of the season, De Boer’s Nerazzurri is staggering, the first two rounds of hard to find a win, Mappes Carla was promoted under face in icardi messianic performance reversal to the first victory. Header pole locking victory in the League since Milan international became more brave, Banega and Joao Mario – provides strong support to icardi, in the face of the rivals Juventus, icardi is director of a turnaround. In the morning of the game, the Nerazzurri gain confidence hit the ball out of the road, freely flowing style of writing, to improve the quality of the team high quality "Hello cake", his younger brother was also fully stimulate the potential. This game for I Karl Di. Assists Candreva and Mario are from summer club, unique vision allows the team to have the capital to gradually pick up the ambition. The game is played in the ninety-sixth representative icardi Inter in Serie A, during which he has scored 53 goals, tied for inter played 175 times Recoba. After the game, the whole market for Inter Milan tyrants played 7.5 of the highest score: those critics who have shut up, and now the captain of the Inter Milan is definitely not for sale, he is the core of the coach tactical design." The Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League not impossible after scoring two goals again, I Karl Di has scored six goals in five league games, the highest scorer in hand, than several other Italian giants striker, Gonzalo Higuain, Dzeko, Milike, Chewbacca to! The captain of the international Milan has played a more than 90 million euros, and Naples’s first offer of $40 million may be enough to buy him a leg. There is no doubt that the team gradually running in forming international Milan will continue to move forward in his younger brother’s lead, so the performance impact of the Champions League and Juventus are also not impossible. (LK)相关的主题文章: