Tourists in Sanya on suspected buyers for fast processing of false government disputes 97179

Tourists in Sanya on suspected buyers for the rapid processing of disputes in the South China Sea network, fake government network client South Sanya on October 8th news (South China Sea network reporter Xie Jun an intern Sun Mengcong) "try holding the attitude, at one o’clock in the morning to 12345 hotline call, did not expect so soon be able to deal with!" October 8th, Inner Mongolia tourists Lee reflected in the first market in Sanya to buy a bunch of Bodhi hand as a fake, Sanya 12345 government service hotline and business sector to respond quickly, businesses refund all the money. Lee can not help but for the Sanya municipal government departments to do the real thing for tourists to praise. In late October 7th 7 pm, Mr. Li and his companions in the first market in Sanya after eating seafood found near the night lights, bustling racket, so they decided to go to the night market and then back to the hotel. When night approaching, the first night market began to busy work, in the middle of the channel is filled with a variety of stalls, clothes, hats, squid and other kinds of commercial public and tourists often a superb collection of beautiful things, the consumption. Mr. Li from the prairie was quickly sold by a string of handicrafts, such as the hands of the booth to attract, "in our hometown, Bodhi hand string is very scarce, a string of thousands of pieces!" Mr. Lee side play to proceed on, listening to the merchant, "Nepal Vajra Bodhi", "is very good". Experts see road, watch amateur, Mr. Lee for the Wenwan items is not very familiar with due, plus the price factors and business promotion, Mr. Lee bought five string bracelets, a total cost of more than and 500 yuan. Back to the hotel in the evening, Mr. Lee took the brush brush to brush the Bodhi hand string, where the "fade", a black mark. Lee immediately search the Internet to identify how the King Kong bodhi. "The results of an investigation, I suspect that they are buying a fake, the so-called Vajra Bodhi, is largely a thing called ‘landing’ red ones!" Mr. Li said. October 8th at 1 pm, Lee remembered these days in the course of travel to see "three in one" propaganda "two-dimensional code, 12345, go to the government; 12031, no worries tourism slogan suddenly emerged in my mind. Holding the attitude to try, Lee picked up the phone, call the 12345 government hotline complaints. Mr. Li shows the Bodhi hand string. Nanhai network reporter Xie Jun of a camera phone just a turn, Mr. Lee felt the dedication and professional 12345 government service hotline operator. He asked me in detail about the process and location of the incident, told me that it would be sent to the business sector, and will track the progress of the event." Lee said more than three in the morning, he returned to the phone call, asking about the latest situation of 12345. "I’ve been to a lot of cities, but only the hotline in Sanya really makes sense to the government." After receiving the 12345 government hotline sent to work orders, Sanya city industry and Commerce Bureau of the red industry and commerce immediately follow up. 8 am, the red industry and commerce, the person in charge of the call Mr. Lee, about the unit to understand the specific situation. By.相关的主题文章: