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Treatment of children with cerebral palsy: identify the severity, is very important – Sohu health in children with cerebral palsy due to an antidote against the disease more and more, many parents blindly seek treatment for children, but parents of children with cerebral palsy often lead to their illness enough to understand, is not clear to the bottom of mild and severe differences, many parents with only some symptoms blind judge, is extremely irresponsible for the child, the child will also delay treatment, this approach is very irresponsible, then we should be how to distinguish between the severity of cerebral palsy children? Dr. Sun Chengyan, a doctor in Shanghai, came to tell parents. Dr. Sun Chengyan stressed: according to the situation of children with cerebral palsy can be divided into the following two types. First, the early diagnosis of mild cerebral palsy in children with cerebral palsy is conducive to the treatment of symptoms, mild cerebral palsy are often early onset, understanding the symptoms of mild cerebral palsy is particularly important. Children with cerebral palsy, mild performance for abnormal action, such as children sitting, adults from different directions to push children, children will not use hand support. This is because the protective reflex is weakened or absent. Common symptoms of spastic type cerebral palsy is the cerebral palsy children head, trunk and limbs of the lifting support is difficult. Abnormal muscle tone and postural abnormalities are also signs of mild cerebral palsy. Two, severe cerebral palsy in children with severe cerebral palsy may be accompanied by mental retardation, epilepsy, convulsion and vision, hearing, language dysfunction, which may lead to cerebral palsy children life can not take care of themselves. This not only brings enormous pressure to the whole family, but also a long-term torture for children with cerebral palsy. A common manifestation of severe cerebral palsy are: the body becomes very soft, reducing the ability of independent movement, unable to sit and stand up to normal; inattention, lonely loner, some self injurious behavior. Sun Chengyan, a doctor in Shanghai, Dr. Bo stressed: the severity of cerebral palsy in patients with different treatment methods on the different. For example, severe infantile cerebral palsy to the effect of treatment for mild cerebral palsy were certainly just passable. In fact, the biggest harm is the treatment of children with delayed treatment, so that children with cerebral palsy so missed the best treatment time. Originally can achieve good therapeutic effect in the appropriate timing of surgery, and missed the opportunity due to the wrong treatment at home, so the consequences of children’s illness, cure hope is in sight. It is very important for treatment of children with cerebral palsy, an antidote against the disease. The treatment of cerebral palsy rehabilitation knowledge more detail information, director of Department of Neurosurgery of Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical University Zhao Haikang WeChat account: zhaohaikangdr相关的主题文章: