Trump of Silicon Valley people’s victory day is their sleepless nights

Trump of Silicon Valley people’s victory day is their night of the forty-fifth president of the United States Trump Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 9th news, according to foreign media reports, the 2016 U.S. presidential election finally ended, the "farce" absolute There was no parallel in history. people even called it, many of the British off the European version 2, a drama at the same time it the Internet is also deeply involved in the. However, as the holy land of the Internet industry, Silicon Valley did not see the results they want, has been leading the polls in Hilary has lost the election campaign, Trump finally boarded the throne. As early as there has been president Liang Zixin in the Silicon Valley is not so popular, NBC data show that in 2016 the Silicon Valley company Hilary contributed $3 million, is exactly 50 times Trump. The most surprising thing is that 97% of the people in Silicon Valley support Hilary, and Trump can only be divided with the rest of the remaining share of the election. In July this year, apple co-founder Wozniak combined with other 145 leaders of science and technology published an open letter stating your attitude to this innovation, and Trump revealed in his speech "reverse innovation consciousness" opposite, they even think that Trump is a disaster for innovation. Because Trump always outspoken, so the rumors that a private island apple CEO Tim Cook and Alphabet CEO, Tesla CEO musk Larry Peggy such as a public sector chiefs gathered off the coast of Georgia in March held a secret meeting to "stop Trump". In the race, Trump because of his big mouth into Silicon Valley’s deep hatred. As everyone knows, the Silicon Valley has been to open diversity and ethnic pride, now Google and Microsoft CEO are of India origin, while Apple CEO Cook is gay, Google co-founder Sergei brin even from the United States once Soviet enemy. However, Trump has revealed his preparation in the debate on the expulsion of illegal immigrants, he even built a wall in the Mexican border. How the results of the election fell below Silicon Valley bigwigs glasses? Near the end of the election, Hilary powerless, a sense of powerlessness began to spread in Silicon Valley, many technology heavyweights have expressed shock, they can only express their sense of disappointment on the Twitter: Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator, founder of the well-known venture capitalist Sam Altman said: "this is probably the worst of my life in a moment, maybe we can survive, but now my brain is a blank." While in San Francisco Brigade’s election party, many people chose to leave early in Hilary It is all up with, some of them even eyes with tears, and those who stick to the end also become dejected and despondent. The Internet response is more intense, many netizens directly elected dissatisfied with Trump tumbled Immigration Canada website, "how Canada" is a super hot word search on Google. Zynga co-founder Pincus said: "we feel now is not that when Hitler came to power the Germans?" Super high speed rail Hyperloop One company founded)相关的主题文章: