Trump’s future policy, there are three if the realization of the South China Sea on the third point vstart

The future policy of Trump has three to third point if the South China Sea peace core tip: Recently, the Trump team released a lot of confusion signal, but from the list of members can be seen in the next Trump policy in East Asia to have three considerations: the first is the new conservative restoration; two is to solve the problem in the Middle East, easing relations with Russia the three is for peace; with the strength, to deal with China. Phoenix November 30th "Sea earthquake recorded" listen to the wind, the following is the text: Qiu Zhenhai: Trump, Trump recently team seems to have a lot of confusion of this signal, of course, now he is very concerned about the person behind the choice for secretary of state, Secretary of defense. This morning we have received the news that Zhao Xiaolan has been nominated to serve as his transport minister, Professor Chen. Do you think there is anything to be read? Of course, one is female, two is two degrees. Besides this, what? My reading, I don’t quite correct, I think Trump is the team inside nobody, how do two degrees out. What do you think? Chen Yixin (Professor of political science China Culture University): I think Trump is not nobody, but too many people, but the competition is fierce, I think Zhao Xiaolan will be of course because she is, she is the first Republican senator who heavyweight, with Trump for the future, you know Trump with Republicans. A lot of veteran congressman relationship is not very good, so this is basically a lot of Congressman too many times, very few people to help him, Trump was able to take the ticket, have some clothes tail effect, a lot of politicians because Trump, Trump may also vote for investment by participating personnel although the United States has a tendency to split the vote, but I think it should be, or for Trump cheap, cheap Trump. Qiu Zhenhai: now to Donald Trump policy, although it may still be premature, it can be seen, he figured out the policy in East Asia to? Or is it too early? Huang Jing (professor at the National University of Singapore Li Guangyao School of Public Policy): I think that from that point he now appointed, especially Mike Flynn to · three is for sure, the first is the appointment of George W. Bush early new conservative neocons full restoration, because Romney itself is such, but the problem is he now the biggest difference between neocons neocons and former George W. Bush on the U.S. national strength and his soft or hard strength or are not as good as before, are greatly weakened. So I think he neocons more performance in the country, especially in the domestic economy. So in a foreign country can see one of his strength, he might have more power to solve the problem in the Middle East, the settlement of the Middle East is the purpose of a relaxation and Russia, I think he is probably in the Middle East will be a big change, for example, will stop against Assad, with Russia’s Ross in a front, so he is able to pull back to Europe, because of the big problems in the Middle East and Europe divisions, so it was his second to. So the third trend, that is, he will focus on the Asia Pacific, he specialized;相关的主题文章: