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Tumor metabolism peak forum held in Chongqing   Chinese and American experts to explore new cancer — Chongqing channel — people.com.cn people.com.cn Chongqing 10 October (Xinhua Wang?) radiotherapy, chemotherapy is one of the main means of cancer treatment, but to kill cancer cells at the same time, also killed some healthy cells. How to change the metabolism of cancer cells and promote the harmonious coexistence of cancer cells and healthy cells in the treatment of cancer has become a topic of concern. Now, as a new hot spot in tumor metabolism in the field of cancer research, for further study, the next two days, the first Sino US forum and the national tumor metabolism second years tumor metabolism will be held at the Medical University Of Chongqing, more than 10 American experts gathered on the intervention of cancer cell metabolism to treat cancer this new way of in-depth exchanges. The meeting organized by the association of CSONSC China anti-cancer tumor metabolism National Committee of experts, Medical University Of Chongqing, Pacific cancer research foundation, Beijing Kang’ai nutrition medicine institute hosted. Cell metabolism changes in the program as the first known tumor characteristic changes were closely related with the occurrence and development of tumor treatment and prognosis, in recent years become a hot new frontiers in cancer research, one executive chairman, Second Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing Medical University professor Liao Yong said that China in November 2015 before the establishment of the National Committee of experts on tumor metabolism, and organized the first National Symposium on tumor metabolism. In order to promote academic exchanges between China and the United States in the study of tumor metabolism, this year, the United States invited experts to participate in the Summit Forum on cancer metabolism. Zhang Yanping, Professor of radiation oncology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the United States in the study of molecular genetics of tumors, especially for tumor suppressor factor p53 has an outstanding contribution. He told reporters that the gene MDM2 and tumor suppressor factor p53 is like the car throttle and brake, throttle too much, cells would grow to form tumors, but the brakes too much will lead to cell growth stopped. He said that the regulatory mechanism of tumor suppressor p53 is very complex, has been studied for many years, but at present, in the clinic, there is still no research related to the treatment of drugs. Third Military Medical University Institute of pathology of biological treatment research director Qian Cheng respectively from the cancer stem cell model, the key molecular targets, regulation of tumor stem cell self-renewal by CSCs (cancer stem cells) as the target for the treatment of the feasibility of the new strategy for cancer in three aspects to explain in detail the relevant contents of the research. He said that the existing treatment options for cancer treatment is not good, easy to cause recurrence and metastasis. He believes that CSCs is the key cell of tumor metastasis and recurrence, and the target of CSCs is expected to be a new strategy to control tumor metastasis and recurrence, but there is no effective drug for CSCs. At the same time, in order to promote tumor metabolism research in the domestic popularity of tumor metabolism research experience and new technologies and new methods to promote academic exchanges, the academic annual meeting, also held the first national tumor metabolism theory and metabonomics technology advanced training, changes of metabolic characteristics involving tumor cells, tumor related metabolites induced by abnormal)相关的主题文章: