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U.S. drone attack error caused by 22 Somali soldiers dead – Hubei Channel – people.com.cn newspaper in Johannesburg in September 29,     (reporter Li Zhiwei) Muqdisho news: Somalia Jia Mu Doug area government security minister Osman? Issa said on the 28 day, U.S. drone airstrike killed at least 22 Somali soldiers were killed. 16 people were injured. Issa said that the local government of Puntland in north-eastern Somalia to provide false information to the U.S., U.S. drone forces mistakenly hit Jia Mu Doug area, resulting in a large number of soldiers died, the United States should make a note on error attacks. U.S. Department of Defense spokesman Geoff said that the U.S. military is the implementation of self defense air strikes, killing 9 Somali Youth Party extremists, but may also cause other casualties in. He said that if the case is true, will conduct further investigation. However, the Somali Youth Party spokesman said the same day, the organization in the air attack area no armed personnel and bases, and no u.s.. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 30 August 21 Edition) (week: Tim, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: