U.S. presidential election Hilary in key swing state ahead of Trump masa-c

The election of Hilary in the key swing state leading Trump original title: American election survey: Hilary in the key swing state ahead of Trump in August 25, according to foreign media reports, according to a survey in the United States and Thorpe held Reuters, if the U.S. presidential election now, Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton may win? Florida, Ohio, Virginia the three key swing states, and has a 95% chance to defeat Republican candidate Trump, becoming the first female president of the United states. Reported that the results of a variety of public opinion polls, and the voting behavior of different election scenarios were analyzed. The results show that, in the case of direct voting, Hilary is currently 6 percentage points ahead of Trump, is also a leader in the state of the 19 states, including the election results of the pivotal state. Under the current situation, Hilary at least 268 electoral votes to win the League again, only 2 can be in the white house. On average, she will win the electoral votes to 108 advantage group. Although Trump will win at least 21 states, but there are many less populous states, he can get the lowest 179 electoral votes.相关的主题文章: