Understanding The Importance Of Lean Logistics-yuria

Sales-Management The purpose of introducing supply chain management was to eliminate waste within the supply chain. Removing this waste helped reduce excess inventory whilst saving time and money. The purpose of the supply chain is to pull rather than push inventory through the supply chain. This is also what lean logistics does. Lean logistics helps remove waste and any other constraints on time, money and inventory storage that affects the smooth functioning of the supply chain. There is always pressure on various parties such as retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and distributors as well as other parties to reduce and balance costs. Time also needs to be saved whilst inventory storage needs to be kept in check. This is the case only for domestic supply chains but also for global ones. Lean logistics is an important method that needs to be employed in the field of construction logistics. It helps many .panies face and over.e challenges. Globally, lean logistics is facing the challenge of accounting for the additional time that is needed for shipments to move over long distances. Also, several parties are involved in each and every shipment. Up to as many as seventeen parties could be involved in just one shipment. These range from suppliers to truckers, terminals to freight forwarders, custom brokers, railroads and air or ocean carriers and many more. The process of employing lean logistics in such a scenario can be a daunting one. Even though all the parties often work together, they can often be at odds with the ongoing shipping transaction. The way .panies are doing business has been greatly changed by the .petitive environment. As a result, .panies are now more readily employing lean logistics for supporting processes that would cut the costs and improve quality. The concepts associated with lean logistics find their roots deeply in the lean manufacturing of the Toyota Production system. This lean manufacturing brought with it great advantages and has now been .monly abbreviated to being simply termed as "Lean." Lean logistics and the concept of lean sigma can be made to join forces for delivering robust results. The process of lean logistics concern not only the elimination of waste but also increasing the speed and flow of the project.. There are many potential sources of waste with the most wasteful according to lean logistics being the elimination of inventory. Lean logistics helps remove any inventory that is not needed for supporting operations and the needs of the customers. The impact of lean logistics on the field of logistics has been significant. The goal of lean logistics to eliminate waste and reduce inventory ensures a decrease in the work involved in the overall process which, in turn, decreases the process and cycle times eventually leading to an increase in the supply chain flow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: