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Unfamiliar Street COO Wang force interview memoir: when the stock price in the roller coaster when we think? Founding member, unfamiliar street Sina Technology Company COO Wang Li Li Gen unfamiliar street 5 anniversary celebration held in the near future, the company personnel collective of more than and 700 people to Bali Island, this is a "nouveau riche" celebrate. But the unfamiliar street for the company, or its investors, this is not a stride forward singing militant songs of the year. In the Wall Street market, Unfamiliar Street shares had dropped to $6 during the Spring Festival, then live in a mobile boom back up to $24, has experienced the ups and downs of the roller coaster. Whether internal or public, "than to choose" is the most commonly used in the unfamiliar street founder Tang Yan shared the experience of unfamiliar street, unfamiliar street in fifth years, the video on the direction of success, once again let the company through the rapids. For this young listed companies, stock prices in the ups and downs in thinking? In the betting behind the video and what to think? Mobile Internet traffic after the dividend will be how to change? As well as the size of the expansion of how to ensure that the business from bottom to top? The significance of these problems may go beyond the unfamiliar street company itself. So in the unfamiliar street 5 anniversary, Sina conducted an interview on the founding members, unfamiliar street COO Wang, who is mainly responsible for the unfamiliar street commercial and product operation 80 executives, on these issues one by one to do the answer. He said in the interview, with the mobile Internet as a growth dividend, to fifth years to find the flow of dividends has been used up, unfamiliar street will transform formation, there is another way in the next development. The following is the Sina Technology and unfamiliar street COO Wang force interview memoir: Sina Technology: this year the biggest signal released by unfamiliar street is video, unfamiliar street is how to look at the inside of the video and social relationships? Unfamiliar Street Wang force: video is so, as a social product, social interaction itself is based on the information industry. Ideally, if it is full of information, it can achieve the highest effect theory is this: for example, I have a glasses what it is, can penetrate the brain or eye nerve, when we chat, I click my view and your perspective the same, is a group of information. In this case, the efficiency of our communication is the highest, before we communicate how to exchange it? As early as in the era of functional machine communication with the text, and then slowly some intelligence, there is a picture of the Instagram this, there are also based on the expression of the Line, but also based on voice. But I think the future of the video to some extent can replace the human eye, it is possible to simply say that through the camera to improve the interaction of the interaction of information exchange. Simple is a concept of things, but not rely on specific, this thing needs to be verified, I do not know. From the objective point of view, everyone from the investment of time or all aspects of the data are in the promotion, the environment, the popularity of WiFi, 4G improve the popularity of large screen mobile phone, in fact, can see the future of video is an opportunity, I also think so.相关的主题文章: