Universal gaming era speed from the lol five anniversary of hegemony see Betta live soojin

Universal gaming era hegemony from the LOL five anniversary at speed five LOL Betta live anniversary celebration is undoubtedly the LOL game player and gaming enthusiasts a great event in the LOL will implement the concept of universal gaming Everbright sixth season, fierce competition and star by S6 to qualify the Summoner’s unprecedented on decision, LOL received attention is unprecedented. Access and Betta live as the five anniversary celebration outside the official LOL only authorized broadcast platform, demonstrating its popularity in a solid foundation at the same time for the industry, the industry pioneer in the pioneering spirit and ambition are towering previews. Universal gaming era – from the five anniversary of hegemony speed LOL look at the betta live highly evolved platform functions ambition: reform the traditional mode in the high popularity of smart devices’ moment, a complete viewing experience by the line under the two part constitute, the line ‘keyword is "field experience", the core content online Adrian is mass resonance". The structure of three yuan and the traditional live events: the game – Live – audience reception center platform is quietly to produce migration, because platform functions beyond the transit originally served as the content distribution station, such as the evolution of integrated social interaction, real-time feedback and even send a new function of welfare. The ground off user experience has led to more users Muming, thereby strengthening the traffic entrance platform for the survival of property. Universal gaming era – from the five anniversary of hegemony speed LOL to see the LOL Betta live five anniversary celebration of the broadcast, inviting many players to visit the betta live special occupation studio, to bring with the official merger and synchronous different interpretation experience for the audience. This move quietly out of the betta live platform attribute control: subtle features with entertainment in a barrage of bonuses at the same time, the introduction of the occupation level that the race live professional by overstating. This is also deeply for the audience relish. Multi linkage strategy throughout, the future of the industry to move forward the introduction of professional commentary for the audience to build a parallel channel to enjoy the event, equivalent to open multiple interfaces on the user’s drainage. At the same time, there is no slack on the pan Betta live users push for – Ceremony platform launched activities escort rich, light from the privileged icon to Goods are available in all varieties. welfare delivery etc.. Interestingly, during the festival and the festival site visit Yan value anchor tidbits, popularity with anchor appeal to achieve a seamless streaming from gaming fans to recreational users, and its depth of insight into the user’s remarkable. Universal gaming era – from the five anniversary of hegemony speed LOL at S6 outlet coerced Betta live season and all star Summoner raging LOL five anniversary celebration, described as highly anticipated and annual gaming circles of the order. And the only designated official named Betta live broadcast platform, the industry has also been interpreted as a Tencent led a hard Betta live vote after a strong voice – whether it’s LOL S6 world order of amazing attention, or a collection of Jay Chou, Chen He, pan fan effect, Kim Hee Chul Li Hongji and a star line brought,.相关的主题文章: