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Upfitter pee hit Changfeng court sentenced two years more than the original title: decoration workers urinating cited disputes guilty of intentional assault jailed for decoration workers because the urine in the corridor, the plot of a security and physical conflict. The pull, the renovation work intends to use the fist hit the guard, the agile security from the fist, but standing in the side of another security innocent punch, caused by a ruptured spleen, had splenectomy. Recently, the renovation work for the crime of intentional injury in Changfeng County Court sentenced. Urinating dispute in June 3rd this year, the security of innocent fist morning, 24 year old Tao Moumou to Changfeng County Shuangfeng Industrial Zone, a district 15 home owners in the decoration, because the owner has not arrived yet, it felt the urgency to urinate, on the floor of the stairs. After the district property cleaners found to stop, the two sides dispute and pull each other, cleaning staff through the intercom call patrol personnel to support. District security Lumou and Lee has arrived, Tao Moumou to take to the Property Office, Tao Moumou and Lumou pull. In the process of pulling, Lumou hit Tao Moumou two slap. Tao Moumou punched back, Lumou to escape. However, colleagues Lee is not in the move, is in the left abdomen. Lee said that at the time he was advised not to fight a guy, do not want to be beaten innocent, feeling a pain in the abdomen for a while, on the side of the stomach with his hand to stand. Subsequently, the property came to someone else’s property to the property office. Later, the police will be taken to the police station, such as Lee and the young man, the two sides reached an agreement to deal with their own coordination. Splenic rupture caused by injured two jailed for "beating guy to come home after work, more and more abdominal pain, I took a few pills on the bed. On the second day, I woke up in the morning." Lee said the family later sent to hospital doctors must hurry Shuangfeng, surgery. After the 120 Lee sent to the Armed Police Hospital, do splenectomy. Tao Moumou admitted, was too late to receive a punch to the Lee abdominal position. Tao Moumou think he is not deliberately hurt Lee, does not constitute a crime. The defender believes that the crime of negligence causing serious injury. After identification, Lee spleen rupture as serious injury two. After the incident, Tao Moumou compensation for the loss of Lee, Lee’s understanding. Changfeng County Court held that if Tao Moumou dispute with others, with fists hitting others, and seriously injured two people, constitute the crime of intentional injury. Tao Moumou although the purpose is to hurt Lumou, but on the other people have a laissez faire attitude. Therefore, the defense believes that the crime of intentional injury can not be identified, the court inadmissible. Recently, Tao Moumou guilty of intentional assault, was sentenced to two years and eight months, suspended for three years.相关的主题文章: