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Consumer to upgrade the new era of science and technology aesthetics of mobile phone Sohu recently, deputy finance minister Zhu Guangyao in a public forum, said that by 2020 Chinese per capita GDP will exceed million dollars, according to the Provincial Bureau of statistics data released, there are Beijing, Shanghai, the per capita GDP of Guangdong, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities more than a million dollars, covering about 150 million of the population. According to historical experience, $10 thousand is a very important milestone, which marks China’s consumer upgrades will accelerate. Chinese Internet Data Research Center released a report that this round of consumer upgrades will show the following characteristics: 1 + = rich leisure service consumption rise, residents’ consumption structure with income growth has "first stage characteristics of goods service"; 2 Internet "Y generation" into the consumption peak, they have the higher the tendency of consumption and consumption will, in pursuit of product formation and consumption in the sense of participation; 3 "she consumption" hold up "half the sky", Chinese consumption was born female consumption trillion industry; 4 emotional interactive participation based on consumption or consumption will be more than 5 diversified consumption ladder consumption; like distribution, two or three line city copy first-tier cities consumption trend, 80 became the main consumer accompanied by the rise of silver consumption; Consumer upgrades for the mobile phone industry also had a great impact. In the well-known research institutions zaino report, the average price of the mobile phone market China appeared to obvious trend of high price range of mobile. In the first half of this year, 2500-2999 yuan price range sales grew by 124%, ranked first in the list; 3000-3499 yuan sales grew by $85%, or list of up to $third. The sales volume of each price range below the yuan has changed little, which 700-999 yuan sales or even a negative growth of 13%. Due to the upgrading of consumption, we have seen over the past few years, the mobile phone market competition pattern has undergone great changes, some can adapt to the consumer to upgrade the rapid rise of mobile phone manufacturers, and those who failed to keep pace with the times of the mobile phone manufacturers are lost. Below, the old Ji combined with their own feelings, talk about some of the mobile phone market in the era of consumer upgrades, not necessarily for you. The new mobile phone: not only aesthetic function is powerful, but also the high yen value for a period of time before, the domestic mobile phone consumers sainuo made a special investigation, found that consumers in the function of pain is weakening, and increasing the appearance and brand differentiation point of pain. It also shows that in the era of consumer upgrades, consumers are increasingly critical for mobile phones, they want their phones to be powerful, but also high color value, the old Ji will be such a mobile phone called the new aesthetic phone". Although consumer demand for functionality is weakening, but it does not mean that they do not pay attention to function, because the function is still ranked first in their various considerations. As long as the flagship machine, it still requires top-level configuration, we saw the beginning of this year, millet and music as mobile phone manufacturers.相关的主题文章: