909 Star Live allure goddess Alyssa Chia La Roche Posay articles struck 909 Star Live allure goddess Alyssa Chia struck in September 6th La Roche Posay articles at the Guangzhou Four Seasons Hotels Hotel held 909 Beauty Festival all stars live goddess Alyssa Chia was invited to attend the party. The broadcast party not only invited hundreds of guests including Alyssa Chia, and La Roche Posay fans arrived at the scene, still simulcast on the APP sale electricity supplier, and fans to witness and share the Beauty Festival La Roche Posay 909 All-Star live party event. The live venue, the popularity of the goddess Alyssa Chia shiny appearance, sharing their skin care experience with the guests, La Roche Posay Department of Dermatology doctor experts from a professional perspective to the scene of the guests and watch live fans about product features and La Roche Posay skin care advice, and on-site to teach the new B5 multi effect repair cream product efficacy and recommendations. The event, the goddess Alyssa Chia also used soothing spray fans for La Roche Posay wet mask, let the audience and watch live fans envy. In the afternoon, Alyssa Chia climbed all the fans and media in anticipation of the Beauty Festival La Roche Posay 909 All-Star live party. Alyssa Chia came to live affectionately and live and watch live fans to interact, share their daily skin care concept and fans favorite brand Posay spring. When talking about the tight work schedule to maintain healthy skin condition, said Alyssa Chia would not be busy life some slack for skin care, skin care to moderate moment is one of healthy muscle, skin and so the brand concept Posay concept is very fit. Beauty and fancy shopping links to the experimental activities to a climax, the brand and the person in charge of stars, experts secret soothing Posay market ordinary spray spray and the difference of. Goddess Alyssa Chia scene fun challenges moisture penetration to LA, enthusiastic fans to watch live. La B5 B5 La Roche Posay multi effect repair cream multi effect repair cream is the countless stars for the love of a single product, is a global sales list in NO2 mela-d white. Selling a single product, global Master blogger praised reputation recommendation: can repair skin problems; reduce imprint; high relief. Especially for acne prints, skin redness, skin redness, dry and cracked, beauty after repair, repair minor scratches, brush injury, significantly reduce the impression, the family is necessary "family first aid kit". In the next 909 Autumn Carnival, LA will also bring with the B5 multi effect repair cream again for the brand favorite member and La Roche Posay a surprise special sale of powder springs. Brand story: (La Roche-Posay), from the legendary French healing spa. Spring water is the core of the brand is all la, La Roche Posay products essential components. This kind of high efficiency and high tolerance of hot spring water is a unique advantage of brand Posay bring excellence, reputation for lifuquan. Over the past 30 years, the Department of Dermatology doctor cooperation La Roche Posay from around the world, create skin care products and cosmetics department of Dermatology doctor needs and requirements, and held seminars and a large number of patients with skin cancer screening day activities, for their training and to improve the patient’s.相关的主题文章: