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VS Caesarean birth, which is more painful? Sohu maternal baby mothers have hesitated in the middle and caesarean birth, although said that the birth of the baby, but the caesarean section can be removed from the production process is relatively long in pain, because it can not stand the pain, the doctor requires caesarean section also There are plenty of people who in the process of waiting for delivery. Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital experts for you to explain the birth and caesarean section their pain points where mothers can be psychologically prepared in advance, choose more suitable for their own mode of production. Caesarean section: not in the production process have severe pain, postoperative recovery is longer in Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital experts, will lower body anesthesia in cesarean section, maternal production process will not feel particularly severe pain after surgery, anesthesia effect disappeared gradually, the wound and the waist will have a strong pain. Experts pointed out that the cesarean section need to insert the catheter, the mother will feel some pain feeling, after surgery cannot be removed immediately, keep 24 hours to try to keep lying posture can’t turn over this period, or accidentally put the catheter off to afford a catheter inserted pain. Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital experts said, cesarean section caused by uterine wound on the belly, take a long time to recover, deep wounds or even months after will ache, in the wound healing process will produce scar hyperplasia, pain and itching feeling, also can’t hand scratching, this things are crazy. Delivery: the production process is painful, postpartum recovery period shorter than Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital experts stressed that in the production process, it is almost impossible to imagine the mothers to face the pain, to endure hours of contractions pain before production, but the production after recover faster, compared with cesarean section, is the first bitter after the sweet. Experts, at the level of pain, the pain of birth can reach 10, if the baby is relatively large or fetal position and other factors, the risk will even have a tear, in order to avoid this risk, many doctors will give the maternal side cut, cut cut back production also need some time to recover, but relative to the wound Caesarean wound is much smaller. Although the birth does not need to insert the catheter, but when micturition is painful, even some pain while holding back to mom. After the birth of some mothers will face the difficulty of urination, urination pain. Caesarean section and vaginal delivery, have to face the pain of uterine cesarean section, although not take prenatal postpartum uterine contractions, but the pain but also can not escape, no matter what kind of mode of production, in the postpartum period will face more intense uterine pain, the more depressed is pain is almost useless on this pain, mom to do the preparation. Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital as the flagship of life science on both sides, to fully respect the rights of painless childbirth and maternal and infant, advocating gentle birth, implementation of science and technology of labor analgesia, basically eliminate non medical indications for cesarean section. In Taiwan, stable production and basin prenatal intrapartum medicine available, less interference, in the premise of the safety of mother and baby under painless.相关的主题文章: