Wade drying with the practice of this photo of the body of James fans come to lick the screen (video-stellarium

Wade and James in the training of photographs of the body many sister come to see you lick the screen animal blood boiling! Janeway Madden game with only a month time show a large collection of Tencent sports news from the September 1st NBA season, the players have put the training hall to prepare for the new season. This is Wade on a personal social networking site drying out of training together with pictures of James, the good brothers topless, good body glance. James Wade group photo of this summer, Wade left Miami for 13 years and returned to his hometown. For Wade, has unusual significance NBA the new season, he must prove that he is worthy of this contract, to let the heat regret for his neglect, but also to lead the Bulls go as far. James and his knights will be the Bulls’ strongest opponents in the eastern conference. But the competition to the competition, Wade and the relationship between the presence of James did not have to say, always support each other, the Brotherhood has not changed. Preparing for the period, Wade and James appeared together in the training field, together with the ascension state of perspiration comes down like raindrops. After the end of the training, the two also photo, Wade shared photos on social media. "My brother James and I did a great job on the pitch. This is a beautiful day. The old man # club # training is not our efforts have won 3 championship rings Wade wrote. From the pictures, James and Wade are all kept very well, chest, abdominal and leg biceps clearly visible, slender, perfect figure. Wade was wearing a blue hat and a gold necklace, while James wore black and white. For fans who love James and Wade, it’s time to lick the screen. It is worth mentioning that, in recent times, James is simply a training ground on the Philatelic man. Over the past few days, James has Smith, Paul, J-R- and the new champion Simmons and Wade training together. I don’t know who will be with James on the training ground next time. (Sean) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: