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Wade this goal handsome face Kobe retired after that only he can play [] star Wade Tencent sports news October 7th pre-season continues, bulls away negative 108-115 walker, Wade played 22 minutes to get 10 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists, and his teammates with more understanding, a wonderful goal turned back playing fadeaways. Wade soon rejuvenated the campaign after the start of the third quarter, Wade on the right side of the ball hit back, feint turned fadeaways, back in the range is very large, the shot body fell to the floor. The ball firmly falls into the net. Wade is quite handsome in this goal, Kobe retired after the fans want to see fadeaways this level, only Wade can offer. In the first preseason game after the end of the bull, Wade made a game picture through social media, the figure of Wade wearing the number 3 Jersey bull jumper. Wade took this picture with the words: "to play in Chicago The coming days would be long., standing in front of the fans, feel really great." Wade made a bull to leave the heat in the summer heat, Wade is 13 years of service to the team, he is the greatest player in Miami history, and Chicago is the hometown team, Wade said he saw at the age of 9 when the Bulls won the first, had a dream of playing some day in the future for the bull, the bull is to a dream come true. Although the bulls are back home, but with the return of James Cleveland is not the same, a bull is a new team for Wade, he and his coach and teammates to adapt to each other, but before the season is running in period of time, the outcome is not important, the data is not important, the key lies in the cultivation of chemical reaction. Compared with the first preseason game, Wade and his teammates more understanding. The second section has a ball, Wade in the middle of the ball pretend breakthrough, Walker three defender oriented Wade ready to attack, then empty the basket portis. Wade very accurately read the defense, put the ball into the box, Portis ball obtains the shooting opportunity, walking under the players had no choice but to foul, Portis two free throws. Before the end of the first half of 8 minutes and 15 seconds, causing the Pacers bulls defensive success failure, Wade instigated the dribble break, Portis raid soon. Wade will be attracted to the ball defensive throw Portis empty dunks very exciting. Such cooperation in the heat of the Wade period can often be seen, and now Wade has put on the bulls jersey. Wade’s contribution is sometimes reflected in the details, the third quarter period, Wade appeared a bad pass, he is very unhappy about the mistake of their own, quickly back made Teague offensive foul play. ESPN reporter Nick Friedel commented: "Bulls coach Berg should love such a Wade." Although the Bulls lost the game, but the state of Wade, especially with the cooperation between teammates, compared with the first preseason has made great progress. The pre-season training period is getting better and better, cooperation between Wade and his teammates, his attack is good to send, this is the most want to see the bull, meaning to be far better than the outcome of the preseason. (coin) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: