Waiting for the end of 7 fast pregnancy, thanks! Sohu – thinkpad s230u

Waiting for the end of 7 fast pregnancy, thanks! Sohu baby mother, this time you will always have your reason and reason! You might not want to suffer to see mother down, do not want to see my mother in medicine injections every day, so you come! Thanksgiving my baby you finally came, but also to thank my sisters! Look at what I used to write about or remember my sisters should know that I’m not easy. Also thank the husband does not give up, let us finally waiting for the miracle, although you said it was not the time, because I was sick, but also eat a lot of drugs, afraid of children with problems. Fortunately, there is no doctor let me give up not to say! Because many doctors also know that I want a child is not easy, but also let him see the miracle. In fact, very strange, 10-31 that day after dinner at the phone to see the news of their own before…… Then the tears, behind the control force not to think, then in less than an hour to suddenly know, although not pregnant, just couldn’t help to think, if ovulation is much too light to prepare in advance of sanitary napkins…… Then the first test of early pregnancy, the result is certainly black print, thought to bring their own, put aside to pick up the ovulation test, the results of a sudden two out, and then more and more obvious, I finally confirmed that I was pregnant! The last picture is the first 31 measured out! Infertility is still struggling on the road of the sisters, do not understand the problem can ask me, I will tell you know…… Thanks for reading my sisters! In different columns (women want a baby, mood, uterine tube column of the four column, I often go to the place) wrote a different word to me with the same words, because not only a copy, a type of mobile phone…… Think of what to write! This article from the crazy man APP users – want to treasure back to share, the copyright belongs to the original author相关的主题文章: