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Rely on the concept of intelligent Home Furnishing walk these years really intelligent do Author: Tang Fei travels a rely on the concept of industry, a vision of maneuver in the market of science and technology industry, this is the current status of the intelligent Home Furnishing. Smart home sounds really is a vision of the future of life scenes, but also one of the few to promote the development of a whole industry chain concept. We look at the appearance of each of the traditional home appliances are added in front of the "intelligence", and constantly depict the blueprint for the wisdom of life. Data show that in 2015 the overall size of China’s smart home market will reach 124 billion yuan, by 2020 this figure will rise to $350 billion. Market for the better, capital sought after, so that the smart home market rapidly warming, but in the process from the concept to the floor, the performance of the smart home market does not seem so optimistic. In fact, there are a lot of smart Home Furnishing now, but it is not the mainstream consumer groups to accept these so-called smart products is just a hardware with a WiFi or Bluetooth module, a remote function, add up to a mobile phone app remote control only this. The popularity of pseudo intelligent house inside in the end who pay? You can take the two step, turn off the lights, why spend hundreds of dollars on the phone to turn off the lights? Intelligent Home Furnishing should be human centered, let the appliance and environment for human services, and the service is automatic, without the operation of people, if the mobile phone or routing as the center, let a person to operate, it is mechanization. Like to turn off the lights before pressing the switch, switch now is app, what is the essential difference between you, and using a mobile phone app to turn off the lights instead of increasing the operation steps, not only reduce the tedious operation, also let a lot of people will not use smart hardware. Over the past year, the traditional home appliance manufacturers such as Haier, Midea, GREE in the intelligent wildly beating gongs and drums to accelerate the transformation, the millet constantly launched a variety of smart appliances, in an attempt to occupy the entrance the wisdom of life. But the performance of the entire market is not satisfactory, seems to be in the money to buy the future stage. Why is the concept of smart home hot landing difficult? Pseudo intelligent public popularity, how to choose? Pay 80 90 no home any talk about intelligent Home Furnishing consumer groups are locked in the high-end crowd, namely villa groups and high-end residential groups, this group has a higher consumption capacity, they can afford the high cost of intelligent engineering Home Furnishing. However, the reality is Home Furnishing intelligent, consumer groups will lock in the 80, 90 or even 00 after they have in common in this part of the population is love high-tech, but because of weak spending power and were excluded from the intelligent Home Furnishing target population. The purchase of the crowd appeared dislocation, that is rich in the middle of the smart + high-tech not cold; young people have no money for smart home cold but no money. Changes in health monitoring user intelligent bathroom technology in the future "smart" life may be like this: when you come back home from the household door, through the fingerprint identification machine, access control system immediately lift. After returning home, the indoor temperature and humidity wisdom!相关的主题文章: