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Wanda, a dominant pattern facing the challenge of Ali pictures serial acquisition of cinema figure what pictures of Ali ecological map. Note: the Taobao movie has changed its name to Amoy ticket pictures from the network Wanda a dominant pattern facing strong challenges aliying serial acquisition of cinema map? War is approaching the new year the Internet burn mode and Internet O 2O, international business and entertainment business, since this year, Ali pictures significantly accelerated the link to the theater investment layout. The day before, Ali pictures announced that a subsidiary of Tianjin aliying invested 39 million yuan to obtain Hangzhou Star Television Culture Co., Ltd. 60.84% stake, and 61 million to the Hangzhou star capital, finally obtained a 80% stake in the company. Previously, Ali pictures has reached a strategic cooperation with the the Great Wall womei theater, and announced that the earth theater subscription 1 billion yuan of convertible bonds. In recent years, Ali pictures in the content production, and O 2O, online booking link foothold. Amoy ticket ranked second in the online ticketing platform; from the 2015 full year revenue, and Internet revenue accounted for Ali pictures and content is 51.67%; to carry out the cooperative system in June this year, breath released 17 movies and 2 TV programs. But at the end of the film industry chain cinema theater, has been a weak link of Ali pictures, is also in addition to Amoy ticket promotion, Ali pictures betting heavily field. The main asset is Hangzhou star’s Hangzhou Star Studios, the studio covers 11 hall. Pictures of Ali explained in the announcement of Hangzhou star investment mentioned: "in view of the group’s existing content creation, Xuanfa, online ticketing platform, and ticketing management system, in order to extend the industrial chain vertical integration, the group is trying to build its own terminal investment and consumer entertainment scene." General film companies to acquire or invest in theaters, are considered to have the right to speak". It is worth noting that Ali pictures and not to do a traditional film company, so it cannot be simply used to watch "Wanda mergers and acquisitions in Europe’s largest cinema O deon& UCI" to look at the pictures of Ali in the theater field layout. C E O Ali pictures Zhang Qiang repeatedly declared that "comprehensive and traditional film company of decoupling, to build a home internet television company. Zhang Qiang seems, O 2O distribution model must be the mainstream of the future film distribution model. "For this system, we hope to be able to share and theater Alibaba big data in the future, to better establish the membership system to help establish the cinema theater, more efficient operation system of the Internet, the establishment of a financing platform, shorten the fare billing cycle, help Line Cinema building derivatives sales system, change the Chinese movie box office business model simply rely on even the film; gradually establish a finished piece guarantee system, to provide financing channels for more small and medium-sized enterprises." But the consultant in culture and entertainment industry researcher Cai Ling believes that Ali pictures to create entertainment industry chain platform ", to the Internet thinking and technology to transform the movie. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but the theory of相关的主题文章: