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Siem Reap Angkor Wat — welcome to Sohu – welcome to an earthly paradise travel an earthly paradise. Angkor is the incarnate Xumishan, Xumishan status in Hinduism, the equivalent of the ancient Greek ancient gods of Mount Olympus is a place to live. These temples are the product of the perfect combination of passion and spirituality. Kampuchea history of the "God" in the construction of the temple, in terms of size, proportion and symmetry, will strive to do better than their ancestors. Eventually built the world’s largest religious building – Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat (Angkor Wat) also known as the temple of Angkor is one of the most famous scenic spots of Angkor group, is one of the best preserved buildings, narrow sense refers to the Angkor Wat here. It is generally believed that the Angkor temple is the world’s largest religious buildings, it is not only large-scale, other perfect symmetry, relief is more exquisite, embodies the Khmer classical architecture of the peak, and as a symbol of Kampuchea is on the national flag. The grand scale of the Angkor temple, let the Khmer people can enjoy the expression of symbolic meaning of religion, a microcosm of which are built into the Hindu Cosmology: Ocean surrounded by moat represent myth, then three representative around Xumishan promenade concentric mountain ranges, Xumishan is the home of the gods; the tower on behalf of mountain climbing climbing to the central shrine like practical experience. As for the temple of Angkor direction is towards the West rather than common East, is quite interesting, caused a lot of discussion. The most likely explanation is that the temple is dedicated to Vishnu, and the West about God sometimes. Into the Angkor temple, along the stone bridge across the wide moat. Simon is Front Gate, a decorated relief corridor in the west of the outer walls of the middle, middle gate there is a 3 meter high statue of Vishnu, often can see the unmarried couples to pray for good luck. Front Gate between the outer and inner has a broad jingdanban road is coming to an end and you will find that this is actually the seven head snake god Naga (Naga) body. There are two symmetrical distribution of the Tripitaka floor and the two square pool on both sides of the road wide open. Came to the courtyard, began a tour of the main building, the walls covered with exquisite relief, it is gorgeous. The bottom 800 meters long corridor about Hindu mythology sculpture. The two layer is based on a variety of religious patterns, decorative means heavier, which the dance of the fairy Abso Lo (Apsara) image to attract a lot of tourists take pictures, photo. The third layer has four smaller towers surround a central tower, leading to the main tower step is called "Stairway to heaven", 13 meters high, almost perpendicular to the ground, climb to hands and feet; here is to limit the number of visitors, the need to queue up in, open time is 7:40-17:00, as soon as possible to avoid the row is not recommended. This article is edited and edited by seven weeks, part of the text and pictures from the network. Kampuchea Siem Reap travel information, please click:相关的主题文章: