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What should I learn? How to learn! To practice reading way (map): Wen Yong Jun "master Buddhist Tripitaka twelve" Han classics content such as the sea, for a beginner, I do not know where to start. Especially for those who are busy now, we have little time to study the temple system, busy with work and life, how to choose the entry of the ancient books are more concerned about this issue. If you want to study Buddhism, it is recommended to go to the Scriptures, goods, Canon, Diamond Sutra, these are very good. Read avoid calamity, wisdom, and even have a lot of enlightenment. Read for a long time, you will know the secret. The founder of Zen are paying particular attention to the "Diamond Sutra", if there is Zhaizhu to play fast, praying for the sake of the cause, secular, pronouncing "Diamond Sutra" to give their blessing, has been unbelievable. General repair "Lotus Sutra", with "Diamond Sutra". The great patriarchs, the most read classic, should be the "Lotus Sutra" and "Diamond Sutra". This is the Zen Buddhism and Tiantai patriarch as much. Many people misunderstand the Zen meditation only, in fact many of the back by the patriarch of Zen, chanting for the famous. The second is "Amitabha", the founder of pure land for. While these three sutras are Kumarajiva translation. Kumarajiva translation classic suits Buddha meaning, not only avoid calamity, or turn on. Read these three classics very much. Repair any law, you need to adhere to the fate and. Even if you are coping with it, you must finish reading a book. A long time will naturally have the power. If there is no knowledge of good guidance, the best will be mainly classic each faction brief understanding of a selection, the easy to read, read the heart of joy as the classic introductory books. For a long time to read, you will understand and believe, get physical and psychological aspects of the light, into the Dharma gate, letters, solutions, and certificate of successive achievements. Read classical completely is a personal thing, don’t run with others. Some people see others in the chant "Diamond Sutra", he also read "Diamond Sutra", see others in the chant "by Kegon, he went on to read and recite" by kegon. The classic is not bad, but so easy to produce more mentality, which is best of the classic, do all specious writing. There are people simply take people to read the classic all read, always like to complete the task, not in a hurry to see the number is. As a result, I find myself getting tired and putting the cart before the horse. When reciting Scriptures must be respectful, clean hand net case, such as the end of body sitting, face, so easy to enter law; not no respect, no case of hand net, lying in bed, body and mind is not so long, reading useless. Reading will put classic in high or clean place, want to know more of a respect, is a virtue "; then do not throw, or placed in a clean place, that" no law and anti evil, because". Read classical Buddhism to get into the gate, and must maintain purity, sound can be detached, or meditation, not for speed, but to enter; Buddha told us in a classic, can read a classic, can also read a sentence or a few verses, according to personal circumstances, not reluctantly. Reading can be enlightening, "deep wisdom Sutra, such as" reading.相关的主题文章: