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When seven FE 35mm domestic self artisan F2.0 lens evaluation of either the field of digital IT, the relationship between manufacturers will be glued to the market demand and the development of electronic products has the potential to. But in recent years because of the strong rise of the single camera, directly to the high cost of full frame camera become numerous frame heart love party. But the fuselage is cheap, but the attendant problem is that the original lens will be super large and super expensive – which is contrary to the original intention of the lightweight portable single camera! So a variety of new and old lens transfer became part of the daily players. And today we want to evaluate the seven craftsmen FE 35mm lens, is the first work from the new lens R & D manufacturers in Shenzhen, the first seven craftsmen photoelectric technology. In the end it can with the original lens war? Whether to create a domestic lens legend? The following steps follow the author together and see what happened. Seven FE 35mm F2.0, a craftsman camera lens appearance: full metal craft factory strength almost seven craftsmen to enter the domestic image first choice 35mm F2.0 lens focal length is actually very clever. Many photography enthusiasts to predecessors, then after the purchase and use of the 50mm lens will sigh — as the hook head is always have this or that problem of narrow vision. 35mm wide angle zoom lens is known as the "can retreat back to defend the" God shot coke segment, regardless of portrait or landscape, can give people a "just right" feeling. While the seven craftsmen choose this focal length as the first pieces of R & D and production of the lens must also consider 35mm fixed focus rising popularity, although also can not join the autofocus function, but also is to open a "good start". PConline evaluation room this time to get a double version of the seven craftsmen FE 35mm F2.0 lens, first of all, we start from the packaging. Although the lens is not good enough to do a good job with the packaging, but for the Japanese market with the intention of the high density of electronic products, the packaging is beautiful, I think it is very important. Why? Because photography friends are already accustomed to foreign products of high level packaging and optical properties of more powerful, you let consumers now in the domestic products sold, naturally can not lose aura. Fortunately, the seven craftsmen photoelectric technology as a new brand, in the product packaging to do extra personality. Packaging is printed on the front side of the FE 35mm F2.0 lens optical structure, the company’s products and WeChat two-dimensional code are in the upper left and right. White box with two page clamshell design, the surface of the "seven craftsmen" three Chinese characters are very eye-catching. After the product packaging is open, the inside of the object at a glance. The lens body is tightly clamped by two black sponges, and the product is additionally provided with a product specification and a warranty card. Although the manual and warranty card is just a simple card, but the information contained (product introduction, maintenance methods) are written very clearly. The evaluation to get the hands of white + Black dual version, black version of a more traditional.相关的主题文章: