When you want to be a sunny girl to do a comprehensive sunscreen Caixing ca4111

Want to be a sunny girl first to do it at full sun was playing in the sun, but also keep the skin white, and his home was Tan sunburn, how envy those not black sun sunshine girl in my heart. And sister paper may sometimes find that whitening products have been painted to buy, but the skin is not as white as others, do you know where the problem is?.   comprehensive sunscreen do rub sunscreen, whitening products, but still become uneven color beauty spots, why? Because without a good sunscreen, sunscreen is not just the face of the problem is that each site has to take care of it, sunscreen is important to maintain healthy skin, makes the skin due to ultraviolet spots, wrinkles, loss of collagen, make skin elasticity, cuticle surface layer becomes thicker, and these are minor, may also will have serious skin cancer, so it must not despise the sun. Does not prevent bask in meeting how to bask in, long time ultraviolet radiation, the skin is acute inflammation phenomenon is sunburn, serious words also can be accompanied by blisters, there will be burning tingling. Spots, melanin induced by ultraviolet light, long term, you will see the skin spots and uneven skin color. Skin aging, UV layout will make the skin black, it will directly destroy the skin’s collagen tissue, so that the skin aging, causing damage, it takes a lot of effort to restore. May lead to skin cancer, UV photochemical reaction will change the intracellular DNA; change the body’s immune function, leading to cell degeneration, causing cell lesions, will lead to skin cancer. To do a good job in the sun, in order to reduce or avoid the occurrence of the above. On the makeup before although there are many cosmetic products with Sunscreen SPF, but when the sun hit this amount of sunscreen is not enough, so don’t forget to do makeup before sunscreen, sunscreen can be selected according to the coefficient of the face in the indoor occasions, if SPF30 is enough, if a long time in the outdoors, not only to choose high coefficient remember, timing of coating, in order to achieve the best effect. Small place to do the protective eye and lip where the skin is thin sensitive, the proposal can choose a SPF sunscreen lip eye care products, the effect will be better. In addition to facial sunscreen body outside the sun to do well, remember to rub the body sunscreen before going out, sister paper said Cawan will sticky with sweat, even worse, if you think you will not wipe the black sticky tanned, with which you choose, and now the new flagship of refreshing thin, sticky sticky issues will be improved, and will not let the body odor smell, causing the bangs.相关的主题文章: