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Zhu Yanxi Min Lulei: when the back is still in the air when he can train the moment Zhu Yanxi was injured for the season the players want to get CBA qualification to know, must pass through the CBA test, they can obtain the "certificate". In all test items in the CBA test, running is every player must meet the project. In Sichuan yesterday, Chengdu CBA test running project, Beijing Shougang team and team members were all tested by Beikong, just inside the Shougang general Zhu Yanxi because of a foot injury situation is some repeatedly, so yesterday he did not participate in the running test. Taking into account Zhu Yanxi’s injury is relatively rare, the relevant treatment experience is not too much, so when Zhu Yanxi can return to the stadium, there is no clear timetable. Zhu Yanxi’s injury is right foot medial cuneiform bone and the second metatarsal ligament tear separation, connecting almost completely, surrounding soft tissue contusion. The injury is rare in basketball players. Remember to go to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter interview, Zhu Yanxi surgeon said, Zhu Yanxi is his first in these years by the injury of basketball players. At the end of last year after surgery, Zhu Yanxi into a long recovery period. Zhu Yanxi, who is a doctor for surgery, recommended him to a famous sports rehabilitation facility, where Mr. Zhu Yanxi had a total of three stages of rehabilitation. In this program, each stage to achieve the corresponding goal after the completion of the first stage: a total duration of eight weeks, after the completion of Zhu Yanxi’s foot could load, and can use crutches for some walking exercises on, at the same time, Zhu Yanxi on the right thigh, leg and body core strength through training must be strengthened; the second stage is the last eight weeks, after this stage of rehabilitation, Zhu Yanxi can leave crutches to walk normally, the Zhu Yanxi will undergo an operation, after the two foot steel implant screw removal; the third stage lasts about four weeks, after this stage of rehabilitation, Zhu Yanxi will be able to carry out normal running and jumping. Then, Zhu Yanxi in order to be able to carry out the training of the Beijing team, but also need to team two to three weeks. Overall, Zhu Yanxi is in accordance with these plans to complete the relevant sports rehabilitation. Rehabilitation division yesterday told reporters BYD said: "in the rehabilitation training completed, he injured part of the body has been recovered, this is no problem." But later, due to Zhu Yanxi may be some training anxious, want to make yourself better as soon as possible, his injury some repeated. In a few days ago, Zhu Yanxi said: "it is (just before) when the team came back, because there (clinic) rehabilitation, later felt particularly anxious, then run, jump posture is not right, slowly across the back, the inflammation of the Achilles tendon, but now everything is all right." The CBA test and Zhu Yanxi also came to the Shougang test site, but yesterday he did not participate in the test project running, this is Beijing Shougang team for a Zhu Yanxi. Zhu Yanxi said to reporters BYD after: "now is not the right foot pain, some acid." Zhu Yanxi’s injury some repeatedly, which affects the hearts of fans in Beijing, because we all know that the Beijing Shougang team has been missing"相关的主题文章: