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Where are the vulnerable groups of college students? The fall semester has begun, the new journey is about to open the University, who has also been scheduled to schedule, I also re on the right track, but my mind was never free of several telecommunications fraud cases from some time broke out, do not write out the words really have a sense of depression. The first burst is about to become a college freshman eighteen year old girl Xu Yuyu, was cheated 9900 yuan tuition after telephone fraud Jihuo followed by death, will rise by 2000 yuan living expenses for the second after Song Zhenning cheated alive, Guangdong after the nineteen year old girl Cai Shuyan cheated 9800 yuan after working hard in the face to see their parents and threw herself into the sea, recently broke the Jilin city college students from Yunnan Changchun gold because cheated 5000 yuan tuition and Dutch act to death. These cases have a lot in common, that is the victims are college students, all suffered a telecommunications fraud lost money, but also with the young life, really shiver all over though not cold. I really have to sigh, these children’s home is really too poor, poor to less than 10 thousand yuan cheated children can not afford the point. But this is in stark contrast to the annual index China cross-border consumer report yesterday released by the Xinhua News Agency "(2016)" the data in 2015 this year China to travel to the United States up to 2 million 590 thousand people in the United States, tourism spending up to $26 billion 900 million, the average daily visitors Chinese create about $74 million for the American market (US $the income of 490 million yuan). On the one hand is to spend 490 million yuan every day in the United States, on the other hand is to less than 10 thousand yuan and die, the wide disparity between the really makes me worried. At the same time, I can not help but sigh, these children’s body is too bad, the psychological is too fragile. If you are in good health, even if the pressure is very large, it will not be sudden death. If you are psychologically healthy, you will not choose to end your life if you lose your money. But these eighteen, nine young children are gone, so I can’t help but think about two years before the military training of college students frequently reported their sudden death thing, children academic pressure is too heavy, no physical exercise time in college entrance examination [micro-blog] stick waving, both parents [micro-blog] or the school I am afraid it is difficult to take the initiative to guide children to strengthen physical exercise, physical education is one of the most important ways to hone the physical and mental health. Here I suddenly thought of a child on Sino US comparison piece, 2 to 3 years old Chinese children are still chasing feeding, American children have their own sports field kekebanban. 5 to 8 years old American children have been able to cope with the pressure of a variety of sports, while Chinese children do homework at home. 9 to the age of 12 children in the United States increasingly sophisticated sports skills, while many of the children in China have been wearing glasses, parents and teachers to give them too much homework, so that they can hardly afford time to go to fitness. 13 to 14 year old children in the United States has big and strong, muscular endurance is good, but Chinese kids would run in a circle over. Children aged 15 to 18 years old in the United States have been able to cope with school, exercise, work相关的主题文章: