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Who said the poor difficult child? Take care of the children and the children how to counterattack now domestic consumer durable goods market has two distinct trends: the first is the car safety seat is become a family parenting standard, second is more and more young parents are more willing to follow the trend of the so-called sea Amoy or purchasing foreign brands. Children ride car use safety seat into fashion with the whole society of children’s car safety consciousness gradually improved, the adult child in her arms, let the children sit in the passenger seat or the children use the automobile safety belt error even fatal way to travel is increasingly rare, I will also invite friends to have accused of ignorance "and" on the safety of the lives of children irresponsible". In the back of the car to leave a child to install the seat of the child safety seat, has become a new way of life gradually spread.     for those who pay attention to the safety of the child’s parents praise at the same time, there is a problem jumped out, in the purchase of car seat, we are in the end why pay? Design? Technology? Process? Material? Service? In fact, in the final analysis only for a little, security. Foreign brands more secure? The reason why many consumers prefer the trouble and bear to wait a long time, but also from the brand country of origin or purchasing a sea Amoy car safety seat, nothing less than a point, they think the detection of foreign standards more stringent, so security is more secure. Is this really the case. The answer is not necessarily so. First of all, to allow the sale of the car seat, must be certified by the standard. The global auto industry safety certification standards in Europe ECE R44 the most stringent standards, China implementation of standards, the requirements of not less than ECE R44; secondly, research and development, many foreign brands in the domestic production, design, technology and manufacturing process, not any better than domestic brands ahead; moreover, the so-called seeing is believing, car safety seat face best seen touched even with the child sit up again after the trial orders, so as not to see but not suitable to buy according to cheat; in addition, sea Amoy purchasing customer service service to keep up with, in case of quality problems or use, not only rights difficult, but the key moment can not play a role in causing lifelong regret; the last but the most important. Many domestic car safety seat brand manufacturers have both designs, catch up from behind, or quality control, material selection, manufacturing process, are the No less, and pre-sale, sale, after-sales service is also more direct, timely and thoughtful. Good boy high-speed car safety seat safer children launched high-speed car safety seat, selling car safety seat safety performance benchmarking test in the famous brand detection organization is a well-known independent third party at home and abroad, the indicators are in line with the standard requirements of outstanding achievements, through the impact test up to 80 kilometers per hour most of the products, and other participants in the test link 70 km hour there is at least one index does not meet the standards of the situation. There, there is no lack of people like the sea Amoy purchasing a British brand, German brand.     data exposed everything. The safest car seat is not a big entrance相关的主题文章: