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Web-Design Even smaller details be.e much more important when it .es to building a brand identity for your business or products. The purpose of design is to assist you into achieving your marketing goals, as well as make your information available to potential customers and alliances. Website design is an important factor in your over all brand building strategy. Attention to details is essential for the effectiveness of your website or else it might go unnoticed among thousands other websites. Color selection is an important aspect of web design process. It decides how useful and effective your website design would be to potential customers. As a small business you need to pay attention to usability of your website design, because if it is not usable then it is not effective and that would be a waste of your time and resources. Selecting a color palette for your website design is a significant assessment as it will decide how practical and pleasant your web design would be to possible customers. As a small .pany you must pay attention to details if you want to succeed in todays .petitive marketing situation. Many thanks to the social web that now small businesses actually have a chance to .pete with large corporations with a little edge in their favor. If you are not going to make your website your hub for all social media related activities then it would be best that you don’t even bother having a web site. A place where people can visit and has a format like that of a cheap brochure design is actually not a website. What makes web attractive is that it is an interactive form of medium. Unlike conventional media people can actually do things with the content you publish on the website. Now with the tools provided by social websites, such as social book marking and link sharing, people are sharing more and more interactive activities with each other than ever before. Your website’s color should have a consistent scheme, this is important as we have seen plenty of small business websites that were designed on frontpage or MS office and contained too many annoyances. When choosing color palette for your site you need to make sure that the colors you are choosing match the actual theme and purpose of your website. Though it is wonderful to think of a beautiful killingly interesting color scheme but if you cant figure it out, don’t worry there are still some .mon best practice that would make you stay focused on your content. These rules include using light colors for background especially if you have mostly text on your web pages. Light background would make your text more readable. Maintain a consistency in design colors of your icons, logo and other graphics you might use on your website. You may want to use different colors for your headings, titles, hyperlinks, etc. It is important that you do that because it makes reading easier for the viewer and they can quickly scan your page and make a decision. If you have nicely linked your other web pages together then there is a very good chance that the visitors would click on your links. To make these links you need to use colors that highlight hyperlinks and make it easier for the visitor to find them out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: